19 Celebrity Tweets That Prove January 2013 Was A Very, Very Different Time

    Do you even remember a time before Ariana's discography?

    1. Ariana Grande, who wasn't the massive pop star that she is today, hadn't released ANY of her music. In January 2013, she was simply hoping to release "at least a single":

    I really really really want to release my music. At least a single. It's all I want. You have no idea.

    2. In the same vein, Sam Smith didn't have one single song out yet. Instead, he was just tweeting about the Jersey Shore finale:

    The Jersey Shore finale - emotional stuff

    3. Meanwhile, Camila Cabello was tweeting her excitement to see her Fifth Harmony bandmates... LOL.

    @AllyBrooke @dinahjane97 @LaurenJauregui @NormaniKordei CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU SUGARMUFFINS

    4. And Meghan Trainor was still unknown, celebrating 500 views of her Bruno Mars cover:

    So happy to have over 500 views on my cover of @BrunoMars amazing song, When I was Your Man Thanks 4 viewing & sharing http://t.co/9h0lqoab

    5. In January 2013, Chris Pratt wasn't the box office movie star he is today. He was just sitting around, tweeting about his chronic bad breath:

    I got 99 problems and halitosis is one of em.

    6. Lili Reinhart wasn't living in Riverdale as Betty Cooper — she was just living in Cleveland having a banjo jam session with her friends.

    Jam session with the banjo. Singing Home by Phillip Phillips.

    7. Back in January 2013, Grant Gustin wasn't The Flash quite yet — he was just a relatively unknown actor patiently waiting for his guest role on 90210 to finally air:

    In and out with some 90210 AD and I feel like I've "worked" today. I'm excited for these to start airing.

    8. Amy Schumer didn't have the star power that she has today — she just wanted to be friends for life with Chrissy Teigen:

    @chrissyteigen hey, lets be friends for life

    9. January 2013 was such a different world that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were JUST entering their Idol feud...

    Is Idol really gonna play themselves and show that shit? Smdh. Wow

    10. ...And this is what Kylie Jenner looked like:

    11. Kim Kardashian was getting ready to guest star on Betty White's Off Their Rockers:

    Hey everyone!! Tune in to NBC 8.30pm ET/PT (now east coast!) to see me and Betty on “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers!!

    12. Meanwhile, a nonpregnant Khloé Kardashian was living a very different life than she is now:

    13. Back in January 2013, Katy Perry was partying at the White House for Obama's inauguration:

    Just left the White House. All other parties from here on out will be judged unless they take place at the White House.

    14. Speaking of the White House, celebrity Donald Trump was tweeting his praise for the New York Times' reporting, something we'd NEVER see in 2017:

    The @nytimes was very nice in reporting that @CelebApprentice was #1 on all television for “top brand impact, 2012.” Thank you!

    15. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson had barely just started a lil' YouTube series called Broad City...

    @abbijacobson omg even though this plural meryl streep impersonator @creepstreeps claims to be a creep, i really like her

    16. And all Shawn Mendes wanted was to meet Ellen (something that he's now done MULTIPLE times):

    Life goal: to meet Ellen @TheEllenShow

    17. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid wasn't the Victoria's Secret Angel she is today. Instead, she was just a model who was cut from an episode of 2 Broke Girls:

    My lil part got cut 😜 but got 2 read w the 2 Broke Girls gang today- such a brilliantly hilarious & fun group of ppl!

    18. Golden Globe-nominated actor Ansel Elgort was pursuing music, tweeting Soundcloud links of his remixes under the name "Ansolo."

    Listen to this remix of Zedd's Clarity... u know, the one he played on letterman! Its by Ansolo...;) https://t.co/1oowy6rE

    19. And our girl Tiffany Haddish was just like the rest of us back in January 2013, tweeting Honey Boo Boo quotes:

    I'm not wop-sided, I am just curviness. And beautimous #HoneyBooBoo

    Damn... Makes you wonder where YOU'RE going to be five years from now!