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    Carly Rae Jepsen Revealed She Wants To Release New B Sides And My Gay Heart Is Melting

    "There's no point in writing 200 songs and only getting to share 15."

    With her Dedicated Tour well underway, we challenged the Queen of Everything, aka Carly Rae Jepsen, to our Surprise Staring Contest with unsuspecting BuzzFeeders...

    ...And between her thoughts on being a judge on Drag Race to a potential Dedicated: Side B, this is one staring contest you'll definitely want to keep your eyes open for:

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    So, what are Carly's thoughts on releasing Dedicated B sides? Great news, gays: SHE WOULD LIKE TO.

    Queen of B Sides further explained writing over 200 songs for the new album would've been pointless if she could only share 15 of them:

    Queen of Sharing. We have to stan.

    Can't get enough of Carly? Make sure to listen to her new album, Dedicated, and get your tickets to The Dedicated Tour before it's too late!