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    19 Songs From Up-And-Coming Artists Released In March I Refuse To Let You Sleep On

    I honestly just want you to find your new favorite song!

    Hello. I'm a gay with really great taste in music and these are just some really great bops from up-and-coming artists in March that I REFUSE to let you sleep on!!! Hopefully, you'll find your new favorite song!

    1. Saya — "One More Time"

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    The song makes me wanna: Work out at Equinox in lace tights and black boots while hunting for a sugar daddy.

    Unsolicited thoughts: I honestly don't know of another song that has made me gag MORE. "One More Time" is a saucy mid-tempo VIBE that'll nestle perfectly between any song from Thank u, Next. This is Saya's first release since her debut EP Chills & Thrills last year and now I'm foaming for MORE. With repeat listens, you'll slowly unearth the wonderfully cheeky and lascivious lyrics that sets this song apart from just another pop song. Saya is one to watch — BRB, gonna listen one more time!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Kidswaste — "Sleeping Pills" (feat. KOLE)

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    The song makes me wanna: Pop a melatonin on a Friday night after canceling all my plans I made earlier in the week with friends that I never wanted to see in the first place and sleep for 12+ hours.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Ever wanted a relaxing and gorgeous song to fall asleep to? Well, French producer Kidwaste has you covered with his latest gorgeous effort featuring gorgeous subdued vocals from singer and songwriter KOLE. Did I mention this song is GORGEOUS? Gorgeous.

    3. A R I Z O N A — "Find Someone"

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    The song makes me wanna: Breakup with my non-existent boyfriend on a dance floor because I deserve someone who loves me better.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Can A R I Z O N A release a bad song? No? Didn't think so!!! Their bop-streak continues with "Find Someone," their first release since they were announced in this year's Coachella line-up. Disguised as a dancefloor anthem, this song packs an emotional punch, serving as the prelude to a breakup (you know, the moment when the fuckboi you're dating realizes you actually deserve better than his fuckboi habits can give you). We stan a song that you can dance and cry to!

    4. Delacey — "My Man"

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    The song makes me wanna: Stop a bitch from stealing my man.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Any song that starts off with the lyric "bitch don't steal my man" I STAN. "My Man" is the debut single of singer and songwriter Delacey but she's NO stranger to the music world. She co-wrote Halsey's No. 1 hit "Without Me" and Zara Larsson's "Ruin My Life." I have a feeling this bluesy single is just the start from her!

    5. Doja Cat — "Juicy"

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    The song makes me wanna: Hit the squat-rack for my negative ass.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Los Angeles rapper/singer Doja Cat just released the deluxe version of her breakout debut album Amala, featuring her new ABSOLUTE FIRE single, "Juicy." Seamlessly switching between singing and rapping, Doja Cat has me addicted to this dazzling #AssAnthem and has me out here trying to get any sort of movement out of my negative ass. With lyrics like "if you can see it from the front, wait until you see it from the back," how can you not stan this song?

    6. Robotaki — "Meant To Be"

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    The song makes me wanna: Retire and buy real estate in the clouds.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Robotaki is a Canadian DJ whose latest release will leave your ears ADDICTED. "Meant To Be" is one of those songs you slowly turn up, and by the end the of it, you've lost all hearing and you're forced to read the lips of your co-workers telling you to turn down your music (take this from me). Anyway, can't wait to see what's next from the delicious Robotaki.

    7. Léon — "Lost Time"

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    The song makes me wanna: Take vocal lessons.

    Unsolicited thoughts: OKAY, Léon is a pop VOCALIST. The up-and-coming Swedish singer just released her debut album this month, and from the production to Léon's pipes, it's an all-around stunning release. "Lost Time" opens the record and showcases Léon's powerhouse vocals and potential, while delivering a shimmering love anthem (if you're into that). Where you've been all my life, Léon?

    8. Super Duper — "Horizons"

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    The song makes me wanna: Live in it. Forever.

    Unsolicited thoughts: I am obsessed with Super Duper. The Nashville producer just released his second EP Vessels this month, and if you love feel-good electronic music like me, you're gonna eat this one up. "Horizons" kicks off the EP and it's one of those songs that is SO dreamy and magical, you just wanna live it. Don't sleep on this one!!!

    9. Blest Jones — "Take It Back"

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    The song makes me wanna: Take some Advil from bopping my head too much.

    Unsolicited thoughts: "Take It Back" was my first introduction to Blest Jones, and I honestly feel blesst for it! This R&B dance earworm mourns over the initial meeting and honeymoon phase of a relationship, and I can't stop bopping my head to it! Oh, and, um, have you seen this man??? Need more Blest in my life, ASAP.

    10. Sigrid — "Mine Right Now"

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    The song makes me wanna: Live in the present!!!

    Unsolicited thoughts: I'm one of those people who will convince themselves out of every potential relationship out of fear that it won't last. Thankfully, rising pop-songstress Sigrid gave me much needed music therapy with one of her latest releases, "Mine Right Now." Off her freshly released debut album Sucker Punch, "Mine Right Now" is all about letting go of the uncertainties of a bubbling relationship and living in the present moment. Why picture the end when they're all yours right now?

    11. Shallou — "All Your Days" (with Emmit Fenn)

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    The song makes me wanna: Download Tinder to find someone to spend all my days with. Actually, maybe not...

    Unsolicited thoughts: You know those songs that are able to falsely convince you being in love is actually worth it? Like, there's actually someone out there that you'd want to spend all of your days with!? Well, Boston indie-electronic producer Shallou did exactly THAT with a new and gorgeously minimalistic single "All Your Days," featuring vocals from Emmit Fenn. The song builds up to an explosive second act and I'm definitely gonna cry on the desert floor when I see him at Coachella.

    12. Alex Lustig — "Blue" (feat. Akacia)

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    The song makes me wanna: Stay un-over my ex.

    Unsolicited thoughts: My emotional Pisces ass loves songs that fuel my remorse for failed relationships of the past, à la Alex Lustig's latest release "Blue" featuring vocals from Australian singer Akacia. The production is minimal (think The xx) while Akacia's emotionally-laced vocals pull you into that "wow, I miss my ex" mood. Are you still blue over a past relationship? This song will tell!

    13. Conan Gray — "The King"

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    The song makes me wanna: Stan Conan Gray for eternity.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Conan Gray has poised himself as one of the most promising up-and-coming singers of the past year. The 19-year-old singer got his start covering pop songs on YouTube and released his first EP late last year while effectively making me cry over the insanely beautiful ballad, "Lookalike." Conan is back with his latest release "The King" — dedicated to "the dumbass" who waited four years to tell him they liked Conan — and we've decided to stan Conan Gray for eternity.

    14. Wild Party — "Recipe"

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    The song makes me wanna: D A N C E.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Wild Party's latest release "Recipe" is just so fucking fun. Like, SO FUN. As a millennial gay, this bop-and-a-half remind me of the good ol' Metro Station days. The lyrics are also super cute, especially if you're in love or whatever. Watch the lyric video above and kick off your weekend with this certified jam!

    15. Gracey — "Different Things"

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    The song makes me wanna: CRY. JUST CRY.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Omg. This song. THIS SONG! "Different Things" is the debut of songwriter-turned-singer Gracey and THANK GOD for it. If you're stuck on someone who just isn't on the same page as you, you'll be able to relate to this power anthem and hopefully, Gracey's vulnerability will serve as the catalyst to help you move on. The second act of this song gave me permanent chills — FUCK ME UP, GRACEY.

    16. Maggie Lindemann — "Friends Go"

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    The song makes me wanna: Quit flaking on the friends I mentioned in No. 2.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Maggie Lindemann has been serving us bops for a few years now (hello, "Pretty Girl") and now she's back with her latest ska-inspired effort "Friends Go." The track immediately gave me No Doubt vibes, so I immediately stanned.

    17. Robokid — "Fake Love"

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    The song makes me wanna: Makeout with a robot??? Idk what means, but I stand by it.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Something about Robokid's distorted icy vocals has me stanning this electro-pop vibe. If you're a gay like me who belongs to the church of Charli XCX and Slayyyter, you'll fall for this one. BRB, gonna go find Sophia the Robot and dance to this with her.

    18. SG Lewis — "Throwaway" (featuring Clario)

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    The song makes me wanna: Give into love with a glass of merlot.

    Unsolicited thoughts: The mega-talented British producer SG Lewis swerved his typical dance floor sound for this moody downtempo collaboration with singer Clario. The result is a hypnotizing production and GORGEOUS vocals that blend together to sum up the emotions and hesitancy of falling in love. Pour me some wine to this!

    19. Aly & AJ — "Church"

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    The song makes me wanna: Get baptized in the church of Aly & AJ.

    Unsolicited thoughts: Calling Aly & AJ up-and-coming artists is a bit insulting — I mean the sisters have five Hot 100 hits!!! But considering the sisters took a ten-year break from music and completely reinvented themselves with their wonderful 2017 EP Ten Years, Aly & AJ are far from the girls who you sang along to on Radio Disney. I've publicly gagged over the sister's new synth-pop sound and thankfully, their new single Church builds upon their acclaimed new vibe. WE STAN REINVENTED LEGENDS.

    To listen to ALL of these songs in one playlist including MORE of my favorite songs from March, give my Best of March playlist on Apple Music a listen!