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    Aubrey Plaza Says Her Ideal Way To Die Is By Suffocation, In The Most Aubrey Plaza Interview Ever

    "I feel like you get squeezed and then I think your body falls asleep and you die peacefully."

    If you see there's a new Aubrey Plaza interview to watch, you drop EVERYTHING and hit that play button. They're amazingly weird and weirdly amazing. For example:

    And on Monday, Aubrey Plaza definitely didn't hold back her unique brand of Aubrey™ in her latest Conan interview, where she opened up about her love for feeling crushed and her ideal way to die, which is by suffocation (because of course):

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    The whole death-by-suffocation conversation stemmed from Conan asking about a specific scene from Aubrey's new FX show Legion, where her character is lodged into a concrete wall in the series premiere.


    Conan: "A lof of people who go through that for special effects freak out because you feel claustrophobic. How did you handle that?"

    But Aubrey, in the most Aubrey Plaza quote ever, loved filming that lodged-into-a-concrete-wall scene because she "likes the feeling of being crushed."


    Conan: "I'm honestly not claustrophobic. I like being in small, confined spaces. I like the feeling of being crushed."

    Aubrey, because she's Aubrey, went even further and explained her ideal way to die would be from suffocation...


    Aubrey: "If I had to choose a way to die, not that I have to, but you know when people play that game? Like, 'Would you wanna drown or get killed by a shark?' I usually say I would be suffocated..."

    ...And you know what? Her reasoning for her death-by-suffocation choice seems pretty valid, TBH.


    Aubrey: "...Because I feel like you get squeezed and then I think your body falls asleep and you die peacefully."

    Never change, Aubrey.


    Conan: "I loved it but you said nine weird things in one sentence."

    Aubrey: "I'm sorry."

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