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19 Assholes Who Completely Owned Being An Asshole

Taking asshole to a whole new level.

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1. This asshole using the flow of a waterfall to mark his friends as territory.

2. This asshole who took it upon himself to confront another asshole.

3. This asshole who took time out of their day just change all of the contacts to "it is a mystery."

4. This bike owner who wanted everyone to know who the big asshole on campus was.

5. This Jeep owner who out-assholed this Corvette owner.

6. This road sign hacker who wanted to serve you some hot asshole coffee to sip on during your morning commute.

7. This asshole who stole a bike just to put it on a wire.

8. This cold-hearted asshole who freezes snowballs in the winter to throw at you in the summer.

9. This festive asshole who makes it impossible for people to open up their presents.

And there's probably nothing in there.

And there's probably nothing in there.

10. This asshole who snuck into a milk factory just to send you a ~heartfelt~ personalized message.

11. This smug asshole who's constantly reminding you that's he's on vacation when you're not.

12. This ultimate asshole of a roommate.

13. This Apple asshole genius.

14. These asshole drivers whose decisions led to blocking everyone else from getting out.

15. This asshole who ate all the chocolate out of the Neapolitan ice cream.

16. This asshole who's walking around with glazed frosting around their mouth.

17. This asshole who's unwinding on the subway after a long day of work.

18. This asshole driver who got a custom license plate just so it reads "asshole" upside down.

19. And this creative asshole...

... Making you look right...

... Right again...


... Then down...

... Only to turn right...

... To then turn around and look up...

... Just to say "fuck you."

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