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    Arlo Parks Made A Playlist For Her Teenage Self And It's Pure Nostalgia

    Were you vibing to the same music as Arlo back in the day?

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    Fresh off the release of her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams, Arlo Parks is kicking off 2021 sitting in the spotlight as Apple Music's current Up Next artist:

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    Apple Music

    Before this soon-to-be megastar accelerates into her future, we were lucky enough to talk with the singer and tap into her past by crafting the ultimate playlist of songs that were formative during her teenage years.

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    Apple Music

    So, which songs was Arlo humming in the streets of London? And what music helped form the artist that she is today? Dip your toes into some nostalgia and watch the video below to find out:

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    And lucky for you, here's Arlo's playlist to replay over and over again:

    Can't get enough of Arlo? Make sure to check out her Up Next interview and her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams, available now!

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