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Jimmy Fallon Cut Off Heidi Klum When She Just Wanted To Say One Last Thing And It's Actually Really Sad

"Heidi Klum, everyone!"

Heidi Klum sat down with a newly scruffed-up Jimmy Fallon to discuss the latest season of America's Got Talent when Jims acted a savage and straight-up cut our girl off after she just wanted to say ONE LAST THING (fast forward to the 5:57 mark):

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Like, Heidi just wanted to say one more thing before the interview was over!!!

But Jimmy, with his pointer finger, was like "NOPE!"

And can we talk about Jimmy's face when Heidi suggested saying something??? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

"Heidi Klum, everyone!" β€” the new way of cutting people off.

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