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An Australian Pop Star Just Released Your New Pop Anthem

Samantha Jade's "Sweet Talk" will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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Lit'rally out of nowhere, Australia issued the ultimate apology for introducing the world to Igloo Australia by feeding pop hearts around the globe with soon-to-be gay icon Samantha Jade and her blessed single "Sweet Talk."

The song is reminiscent of the greatest pop tracks to come out the early '00s and manages to perfectly capture what it sounds like to be a gay man.

And the accompanying pastel music video successfully ends your fave's career and will change everything you Stan for.

Like from the second Sammie J starts to smize at the camera, you know the new queen of pop is coming to snatch those Jessica Simpson hair extensions straight out of your fave's head.

Not to mention the simple, yet soon-to-be-iconic choreo that you can perfect at your jazzercise class on the weekends.

Like the "I'm-White-But-Want-To-Twerk-With-My-Girls" move.

And the "Trying-To-Cool-Down-My-Pizza-Rolls-That-Just-Came-Out-Of-The-Oven" move.

Rumor has it "Sweet Talk" was originally offered to Ariana but she couldn't sing all the consonants needed.*

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed / Via

*Actually not a rumor at all.

Anyways, here's the music video in full to appreciate everything about "Sweet Talk" and your new pop lord and savior, Godantha Jadsus.

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