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    Amber Lui Shared Her First Times And Her Answers Will Make You Love Her Even More

    "Let's take our pants off!"

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    In celebration of her upcoming US tour, we had K-pop star Amber Lui stop by the BuzzFeed office to talk about her first times...


    ...and TBH, now I love her even more:

    [video here]

    First debut performance?


    Amber Lui: Sept. 5 β€” debut of K-pop girl group f(x)! I remember just being sleepy that day because we didn't sleep the night before because we were just practicing. I had hair covering half of my face. The whole stage, that I remember, was just my bangs hitting my eye. I just did it and then the moment was over. I was like, "Huh... I just started my career."

    First job?


    AL: I worked at a school supply store as a cashier. "This is where this is" and "Oh, you can find that on aisle 12!" My favorite part was taking the label gun and going through the aisles.

    First celeb crush?


    AL: [Laughs] Orlando Bloom.

    First impression of the members of f(x)?


    AL: When I first met the girls, I did not know they were going to be my members. We just are all trainees together and then, until we get put into a group, we don't know we're a group.

    Krystal, she was my first friend because she spoke English. Krystal would basically take me around everywhere and show me where to do this and do that. Always, she's still a princess.

    Luna is actually a lot more different than I initially thought. She was singing power vocals, she did popping and locking β€” no other girl trainee was doing that. So, I was like, "This girl's really got her shit together!" She's a cute little fuzz ball.

    Victoria. We didn't really have an impression of each other because I barely saw her. She lived with me, but I barely saw her. She's the mom.

    First embarrassing moment on-stage?


    AL: We were performing at a college event. I'm usually never in the middle β€” I don't like being in the middle, by the way β€”Β until this one part. That one part was the dance break. I'm terrified of just being there. You have this whole group-locking section, and I remember being so nervous that I was center for that and that I was doing that dance break, the first time we performed it, I did everything in double time. The rest is history!

    First cell phone?


    AL: Nokia. The ones that never break. I remember my dad accidentally throwing my phone somehow and it dented the wall, but my phone was fine [laughs].

    First show you ever binged?


    AL: Anime. Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist.

    First time realizing you were famous?


    AL: My dad came to Korea one time and then he pulls out a whole bunch of my headshot prints. He's like, "Amber, you need to sign all of this for me because all of my friends want these." I guess that's when I kind of realized I was "famous."

    First thing you do when you wake up?


    AL: Go back to sleep.

    First time seeing a meme of yourself?


    AL: I was on an army show, and in the army β€” especially in Korean culture β€” there's a very, very strict hierarchy. Obviously, you would not talk informally or disrespectfully to your commanding officer. But me, in my limited Korean, I basically told my commanding officer, "Thou shalt forget!" The Korean public thought it was really funny. Thank you, guys, for liking what I do and making my mistakes into something pretty cool.

    First musical inspiration?


    AL: No. 1 is my mom. She sings like an angel. Actually, from The Lion King, little young Simba [sings "I Just Can't Wait to be King"]. That's when I was like, "I wanna be a singer!" Thank you young, little Simba.

    First time learning Korean?


    AL: Not gonna sugar coat it β€” you learn the bad words. My vocabulary consisted of cuss words, food items, and really, really vulgar things because my sister really likes to learn random things in Korean, like "바지 λ²—μ–΄" ("Take your pants off"). I think a lot of people who know a second language or are learning another language can empathize.

    Can't get enough of Amber? Make sure to check out her upcoming Gone Rogue Tour β€” tickets on sale now!


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