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    Amber Lui Shared Her First Times And Her Answers Will Make You Love Her Even More

    "Let's take our pants off!"

    In celebration of her upcoming US tour, we had K-pop star Amber Lui stop by the BuzzFeed office to talk about her first times...

    ...and TBH, now I love her even more:

    [video here]

    First debut performance?

    First job?

    First celeb crush?

    First impression of the members of f(x)?

    First embarrassing moment on-stage?

    First cell phone?

    First show you ever binged?

    First time realizing you were famous?

    First thing you do when you wake up?

    First time seeing a meme of yourself?

    First musical inspiration?

    First time learning Korean?

    Can't get enough of Amber? Make sure to check out her upcoming Gone Rogue Tour — tickets on sale now!