Aly & AJ Took A Sisters Test To See How Well They Know Each Other

    Find out if the chemicals ~still~ react!

    If you were lucky enough to grow up during Disney Channel's classic era, then you will SURELY remember the iconic sister duo, Aly & AJ.

    But if the above pic doesn't trigger any memories, here's a quick refresher:

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    We decided to give the girls a ~sisters test~ to see just how well they know each other and whether or not the chemicals STILL react:

    Let's begin!

    1. Who is your parent's favorite?

    2. Who was AJ’s first kiss?

    3. What was Aly’s favorite TV show growing up?

    4. What is AJ’s favorite Aly and AJ song?

    5. Who was Aly’s Disney Channel crush?

    6. What TV show is AJ’s guilty pleasure?

    7. What was the first CD Aly ever bought?

    8. What is AJ’s favorite curse word?

    9. Who has a better sense of style?

    10. What is Aly's favorite scene in Weepah Way For Now?

    Make sure to catch Aly and AJ Michalka in their new movie Weepah Way For Now available on all VOD platforms!