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Aly & AJ Just Released A New Song And It Will Be The Best Three Minutes Of Your Life...No, Seriously.

Like whoa, this is a BOP.

If you grew up in the '00s, you stan Aly & AJ. Like, it's just a thing. And I mean, how couldn't you? HAVE YOU HEARD "CHEMICALS REACT"?

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OR their equally as great "Potential Breakup Song"?!

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OR when they started a new band called 78Violet and invented alt-rock-psych-folk-flower-crown-pop?

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Well, the singing sisters are BACK (literally out of NOWHERE) with a delicious electro-pop BANGA straight outta the '80s, and I have to say, it's definitely in the Top One Aly & AJ songs of all time! No exaggeration! SERIOUSLY JUST LISTEN TO IT!!!

Best three minutes and thirty seconds of my life.


We've been informed this is an early version of "Take Me" which was released prematurely on Spotify. You can expect the final version of Aly & AJ's perfect pop masterpiece to arrive in the coming weeks.