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    Apr 16, 2017

    22 Memes You'll Only Understand If You're About To Graduate College


    1. It's been a long four years.

    2. And you've changed a lot.

    3. You may have become a little jaded.

    4. And quite frankly, you're probably surprised you even made it this far.

    5. You seriously questioned dropping out at one point or another.

    6. Because there was NEVER an easy day.

    7. It wasn't quite what you expected it to be...

    8. ...especially when it came to your bank account.

    9. There was a lot of begging...

    10. ...contemplation...

    11. ...and anxiety.

    12. But you made it! Because you're damn determined to graduate!!!

    13. Because you know these college days are limited...

    14. ...and the days of assigned reading are almost behind you.

    15. Which means no more having to drop $$$$$$$$ on books you don't even open...

    16. No glares from the professor for walking in late...

    17. No more bullshitting your way through essays...


    Getty / BuzzFeed Oz

    19. So keep pushing through these final days...

    20. ...and keep pushing through those lectures.

    21. Because you're just weeks away from grades being in your past...

    22. ...and this being your future:


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