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    27 Times The "All Stars 3" Premiere Flew My Wig Into Another Gaylaxy

    I love being gay.

    1. When the show opened with The Handmaid's Tale spoof featuring Drag Race Hall of Fame-ers Alaska and Chad Michaels...

    2. ...complete with "Ofrupaul" name placards underneath their portraits in the Hall of Fame.

    3. When Trixie Mattel skated around the empty workroom and proclaimed, "It's like a Morgan McMichaels meet and greet in here!"

    4. When Chi Chi DeVayne entered the workroom in trash bags. THAT BRAND!

    5. When Morgan McMichaels walked into the workroom saying, "I look pretty good for a dead bitch."

    6. When Aja went off about all the work she had done...

    7. ...and then Trixie chimed in with:

    8. When Trixie saw Kennedy Davenport's entrance look and said, "COME THRU WHOVILLE!"

    9. When I saw Shangela's arms. I mean, HONESTLY.

    10. When Bebe walked into workroom as the surprise queen!!! OK, REDDIT DETECTIVES!

    11. When Trixie held NOTHING BACK when she read Aja.

    12. When Ben's read compared Thorgy to IT so, so, SO, perfectly.

    13. When Bebe delivered her read to Morgan McMichaels.

    14. And when Chi Chi read Milk and got a little TOO honest.

    15. When Trixie was picking her workspace and DRAGGED Pearl.

    16. When Morgan McMichael's shaded the queen's gameplay during All Stars 2 and mimed breast feeding.

    17. When Trixie tried to tongue-pop.

    18. When Mama Ru walked down the runway for the first time this season because, um, yas.

    19. When Shangela death dropped at the end of her performance.

    20. When Bebe ripped off that skirt and went AWF.

    21. When Aja made this face during Thorgy's performance:

    22. And then when it was Aja's turn and she death dropped OFF OF THE FUCKING BOX!!!!!! LIKE WHAT!!!

    23. When Kennedy wasn't going to be upstaged by Aja, so she flipped ONTO the box.

    24. When it was time for the judges critiques and RuPaul asked Michelle if she's going to make anyone quit again.

    25. When Thorgy wasn't here for Vanessa Hudgen's critique.

    26. When Milk hilariously shaded All Stars 2.

    27. And finally, the ENTIRE "Anaconda" lip-sync because: