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    This Is How The World Reacted To Adele Releasing "Hello"

    Too many tears to function.

    The world was given only ONE DAY to prepare for Adele's new single, "Hello." Alas, the song AND video dropped and there weren't enough tissues in the world to combat the song.

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    1. Basically, everyone was in ruins. RUINS.

    2. And it didn't take long until everyone's eyes were glazed over.

    3. Everyone's aesthetic was affected.

    Me, before and after listening to Adele's "Hello."

    4. And NO ONE, not even Katy, was safe from the Adele-induced tears.

    Listen's to "hello" from @OfficialAdele once😥

    5. Everyone knew what they were getting themselves into BUT COULDN'T RESIST pressing "play."

    6. People canceled their entire plans to stay at home in a darkened room.

    7. And people were suddenly sad over things that didn't even happen to them.

    Y'all.....Adele has me thinking I just got dumped after a 50 year marriage with her new song. Why she do this

    8. Phones knew about it.

    9. Fan fiction was written.

    10. And memes were updated.

    11. Some people took this time to analyze the video.

    Adele is back and still hasn't upgraded her cellphone

    12. While others took time to make tweaks to the video.

    13. Most people felt the new single saved the music industry...

    This is how all of 2016 will look. Thanks for saving the music industry Adele.

    14. ...And saw this as a second coming.

    15. Some interpreted what other music powerhouses' reaction to "Hello" was.

    16. While others made it CLEAR ~Adelegend~ was comin' for your fave.

    17. Basically, this was the world when Adele dropped "Hello."

    "Hello" to you too, Adele. Welcome back.