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We Seriously Need To Talk About The Rock's Veins

He's so vein this post is about him.

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Every human with eyes capable of seeing is quite aware of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's beauty.

But it's time we talk about one feature about him in particular....


His veins are so veiny, they're literally the sexiest veins YOU WILL EVER SEE IN YOUR LIFE.

Like OH MY GOD — I can't stop giggling whenever I think about them.

They're not like any normal veins — THEY'RE THICK.

Like you could probably get a good workout from swimming in them.

Even America's beloved Zac Efron has veins that fail in comparison to The Rock's veins.

But The Rock isn't just veiny when he's working out... HE'S POPPING OUT ALL THE TIME.

For example, here he is sexily veined just doing normal human things like pointing.

The best part is, he has so many sexy veins that EVERYONE can have their very own vein to crush on.

He has like a million head veins to choose from.

He has an ENDLESS amount of forearm veins.

SO MANY back-of-the-hand veins.


But most importantly, he has the most glorious neck vein that bulges bigger than Jon Hamm's bulge. BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS VEIN — this vein is my vein.

ON TOP OF EVERYTHING, his veins were so beautifully crafted, they even make constellations. Like this vein on his thigh that looks like the Big Dipper!

For comparison purposes:

David Mcnew / Getty Images

So — the next time you say The Rock's name, SAY IT IN VEIN.

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