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11 Hilarious Things We Learned While Playing Truth Or Dare Jenga With "A Bad Moms Christmas" Cast

"I gave birth. I'm on the 'nice' list!" —Mila Kunis

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The holiday season is about to get a whole lot "badder" with the help of three of the funniest women in Hollywood: Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis. With the runaway success of 2016's Bad Moms, the leading ladies are back, just a year later, with a seasonal twist in A Bad Moms Christmas. Sure, they can survive the holiday stress as moms, but can they survive our Truth or Dare Jenga filled with your most burning questions?

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1. Kristen Bell has a HUGE crush on Riz Ahmed and had an incredibly awkward interaction with him at the Golden Globes when her husband, Dax Shepard, tried to play wingman:


TRUTH: What has been your craziest celebrity encounter?

Kristen: I have a real big crush on Riz Ahmed and my husband [Dax Shepard] knows it, he's like my wingman. We met him at the Golden Globes last year and I was nervous. My husband was like, "Come up and meet him!" And I was like, "No!" And he [Riz] came up and he [Dax] goes, "I just want you to meet my wife. Riz, this is Kristen. She finds you very attractive." And then it was like crickets. You could tell, by the look on his face, that he was like, "Is this a trap? Are they inviting me into some weird sort of situation after the Globes?" I could tell how uncomfortable we made him, and so that was probably the craziest...

2. Kathryn Hahn once told her son that his birthday was on a different day because she had to work out of town on his actual birthday.


TRUTH: What's the biggest lie you've ever told your kids?

Kathryn: I said his birthday was a different day because I was working out of town. He was like 3, guys! He didn't really know. I was like, "Happy birthday..." He was so confused!

3. Kristen Bell can literally sleep anywhere, at anytime.


TRUTH: Who is most likely to nap on set?

Kathryn: Who took naps? Did you take naps all the time?

Mila: How dare you! Look to the opposite side of you. I can't believe you asked this question!

Kristen: Honest to god, if you told me I could go to bed on the ground right now for eight to ten minutes, no problem.

4. Mila Kunis used to play World of Warcraft, and her character's name was Alim — "Mila" backward.


TRUTH: What's your name backwards?

Mila: Alim. I also know what it is because it used to be one of my World of Warcraft characters.

5. Mila and Kristen are so close, Mila was texting Kristen to tell her to get out of Florida during Hurricane Irma because it made her so nervous.


TRUTH: Which Bad Moms Christmas castmates are on the "naughty" list and the "nice" list?

Kathryn: I would say the "nice" list is, I mean birth [points at Mila]. Also, and the "naughty" list for looking this good after giving birth. So I'm just putting you right back on there...

Kristen: Truth!

Kathryn: And I would say "nice" list [looks at Kristen], just hearing about your Hurricane Irma experience.

Mila: I got so nervous I texted K. Bell and I was like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Kristen: She was like, "GET OUT OF FLORIDA, RIGHT NOW!" And I was like, "I can't! I'm needed for morale!"

Mila: And she was like, "But look what I'm doing!" And then sends me videos of her wheelchair racing...

6. Mila Kunis's brother made up a lie when she found out that Santa wasn't real just to make her still believe in him for an extra year.


TRUTH: When did you learn that Santa wasn't real?

Mila: I was maybe 5, 6, 7 — around there — and I came back from school and was like, "Somebody at school told me Santa wasn't real!" And my brother, who's six years older than I am, was like, "Listen, I'll tell you the truth. Santa doesn't ride a sleigh, clearly that doesn't exist because well know people don't fly — he flies a plane. That's how he gets around in one night." And that bought me another year.

Kristen: Aw, what a nice brother!

Mila: So, it bought me a whole year of thinking that Santa existed when my brother told me that Santa doesn't ride a sleigh but instead, spoiler alert, rides in a plane. And I was like, "That makes sense!"

7. Kristen Bell's first kiss was on her porch with a "complete stoner" at age 16.


TRUTH: How was your first kiss?

Kristen: My first kiss was on my porch with a guy named Alex Craft who was, like, a complete stoner, but also 16. I think I just did it because everyone else was doing it. But I did, at that point, really wanna kiss someone, but I didn't really know what that meant. I had a little Jennifer convertible chair in my room and we watched a movie. Then, I walked him to my door and then as he was leaving, I was like *kiss*. I guess it was a French kiss. It was a French kiss!

Mila: Do you know where he is?

Kristen: No, but definitely smoking weed somewhere.

8. Kathryn Hahn can't do a handstand.


9. As a parent, Kristen Bell's neither the "good cop" nor "bad cop" — she's the cop "that's completely manipulated."


TRUTH: When it comes to parenting, would you say you're the "good cop" or the "bad cop"?

Kristen: I'm usually the cop that's easily manipulated, that's the truth. I'm the "pushover cop." You ask three times and first two times I tell you no begging, but if you go for the third, you're gonna get it. That's the kind of cop I am!

10. Mila and Kristen are serial regifters.


TRUTH: Have you ever regifted a present?

Mila: All the time.

Kristen: Every year. Easily.

Mila: Everything and anything I regift.

Kristen: Everything my grandmother has ever given me, I've given to someone else.

11. ...And apparently, they all think Jenga is a team sport!!!


If you're anything like us and can't get enough of these "bad moms," make sure to spike your hot chocolate and catch A Bad Moms Christmas, in theaters Nov. 1!


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