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    11 Hilarious Things We Learned While Playing Truth Or Dare Jenga With "A Bad Moms Christmas" Cast

    "I gave birth. I'm on the 'nice' list!" —Mila Kunis

    The holiday season is about to get a whole lot "badder" with the help of three of the funniest women in Hollywood: Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis. With the runaway success of 2016's Bad Moms, the leading ladies are back, just a year later, with a seasonal twist in A Bad Moms Christmas. Sure, they can survive the holiday stress as moms, but can they survive our Truth or Dare Jenga filled with your most burning questions?

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    1. Kristen Bell has a HUGE crush on Riz Ahmed and had an incredibly awkward interaction with him at the Golden Globes when her husband, Dax Shepard, tried to play wingman:

    2. Kathryn Hahn once told her son that his birthday was on a different day because she had to work out of town on his actual birthday.

    3. Kristen Bell can literally sleep anywhere, at anytime.

    4. Mila Kunis used to play World of Warcraft, and her character's name was Alim — "Mila" backward.

    5. Mila and Kristen are so close, Mila was texting Kristen to tell her to get out of Florida during Hurricane Irma because it made her so nervous.

    6. Mila Kunis's brother made up a lie when she found out that Santa wasn't real just to make her still believe in him for an extra year.

    7. Kristen Bell's first kiss was on her porch with a "complete stoner" at age 16.

    8. Kathryn Hahn can't do a handstand.

    9. As a parent, Kristen Bell's neither the "good cop" nor "bad cop" — she's the cop "that's completely manipulated."

    10. Mila and Kristen are serial regifters.

    11. ...And apparently, they all think Jenga is a team sport!!!

    If you're anything like us and can't get enough of these "bad moms," make sure to spike your hot chocolate and catch A Bad Moms Christmas, in theaters Nov. 1!