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    21 Things Everyone Who Hates The Dentist Will Understand

    Not my cup of cavity.

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    1. You've been living in fear of the blue-masked men and women ever since you were little.

    2. Most of your nightmares start like this.

    3. The smell of latex gloves immediately gives you anxiety.

    4. You think about what you're going to leave in your will every time they wrap that napkin around your neck.

    5. You hate it when your dentist asks how often you floss.

    6. You've accidentally bit the dentist before out of defense.

    7. The waiting room is literally purgatory.

    8. You’re constantly making up excuses for getting out of your dentist appointments.

    9. But then your insurance is all like, "You have to go twice a year or we'll drop yo ass."

    10. The sight of their demon tools sends immediate pain to your mouth.

    11. Laughing gas is ANYTHING but a laughing matter.

    12. When they ask if you want cinnamon or mint toothpaste you say neither and try to run away.

    13. You have a completely RATIONAL fear that they're all plotting against you.

    14. Nothing on the TV could ever make Hell enjoyable for you.

    15. They ALWAYS have to use the jaws of life to open your mouth because you refuse to "open wide."

    16. You refuse to accept the fact you have wisdom teeth and that they NEED to come out.

    17. You need someone to come with you because you NEED a hand to hold.

    18. The mere thought of putting YOUR fingers into someone else's mouth — like a dentist does — also freaks you out.

    19. You absolutely hate it when they try to talk to you while they're drilling your mouth.

    20. You wear your retainers more than you have to just to prevent future visits with your dentist.

    21. But no matter how much you hate the dentist, at least you know you're not alone.

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