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    Why Max Is The True Hunk From "Saved By The Bell"

    The magic tricks! The curly hair! The vests! You're lost until you're saved by Max.

    The days of crushing on Zach Morris and his bleached locks are long gone.

    And drooling over AC's muscly legs is a thing of the past.

    Because you're about to be saved by Max.

    You see, Max is the one and only Saved By The Bell hunk.

    Unlike those little boys you idolize, the Holy Maxus is a manager of a burger joint.

    To add to his already extensive resume, Max does magic.

    Like he's so legit he pulls animals out of hats and shit.

    Needless to say, his magical powers and glasses probably inspired JK Rowling to write the Harry Potter series.

    And then there's his physical attributes.

    Like his perfectly thinning, frizzled, halfro hair.

    Totally straight out of your dreams.

    And don't even get me started on that smile.

    His cute grin makes him always look surprised to-the-max.

    Then there's the clothes!

    All of his clothes are fully loaded with surprises underneath.

    And you know what they say:

    Especially Max.

    Like, could you even imagine Maxgasm between the sheets?

    I mean, he is Magic Max after all.

    So you better start padding up your bulge, Slater.

    And keep buying more bleach, Morris.

    Because you have a long way to go to reach this kind of perfection.

    Maximum perfection.

    So now I ask you, who's ready for a Max milkshake?