Why 25 Will Be The Best Year Of Your Life

You’re now a quarter of a century. Here’s five reasons why 25 will be the best year of your life, with the help of The Hills ladies, because why not?

1. At 25, you’re way wiser than the years of your past:

The early 20’s drunk you once were has long been flushed out of your life.

Along with regrets that came from their poor decisions. But you learned.

During your earlier 20s, a drastic change in life would have totally sent you into a spiral.

But now comfortable with the life you’ve built for yourself, those things no longer faze you.

2. By 25, you’ve totally solidified the people in your life:

In your early 20’s, you always try hard to impress and be “in with the crowd.”

And it was exhausting.

Living for the applause got old by 24.

So now at 25 you’re all like

Which is a relief because now you’ve totally weeded out the “sucky” friends.

Even if that means you’ve now turned to animals for comfort.

3. By 25, you’re confident with who are as an individual and live by your own personal set of rules and philosophies:

And you know how you should be treated

And you’re not afraid to call someone out if they disrespect you.

And if they do, BYEEEE

4. You now have 25 years of life experience to share to all of your younger (24-year-old) friends:

Now everything you say will seem so prolific just because your 25, even though it’s not.

And so everyone totally comes to you for advise.

And sometimes they can’t take it because you’re serving boiling truth tea

But you’re 25 now so you know you’re right and they’re just not mature enough to understand.

5. Lastly at 25, your over two-year long-distance relationship is over, because your boyfriend just moved to California on your birthday:

And now you can celebrate because technology won’t have the power to make or break your night.

And now you won’t have to cry over missing someone so much.

And you can now go out and have fun without worrying about the other because you will be with them.

And totally have some non-Skype fun after.

All while shamelessly serving cheesy quotes from The Hills face-to-face instead over iMessage.

But most of all, your 25th birthday marks the first day you’ll finally be in the same state with your boyfriend.

Happy 25th birthday, Will! Welcome to the best year of your life, starting today. I wanted to give you the Hollywood Hills for your birthday, but this is all I could afford.

(P.S. the rest is still unwritten.)

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