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The 20 Most Epic Types Of Soap Opera Slaps

Like sands through an hourglass, these are the slaps of our lives.

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20. The Backhanded Slap

ABC / Via

19. The Guy On Guy Slap

NBC / Via

18. The Unfaithful Slap

NBC / Via

17. The Stop Talking Slap

CBS / Via

16. The Shock Put Slap

ABC / Via

15. The Hair Flip Slap

14. The Ugly Cry Slap

ABC / Via

13. The Grandma's Secret Recipe Slap

ABC / Via

12. The Ping Pong Slap


11. The Always The Bridesmaid (Never The Bride) Slap

10. The Bad Kisser Slap

NBC / Via

9. The Step-and-Reach Slap

8. The Wedding Ring Slap

7. The Tennis Racquet Slap

Telemundo / Via

6. The JK LOL Slap

5. The Surprise! I'm A Lefty Slap

ABC / Via

4. The Pitch Slap

NBC / Via

3. The Pie In Face Slap

ABC / Via

2. The Classic Slap

NBC / Via

1. And The Hello Slap

ABC / Via

Because damn.

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