24 Things You Googled In College

The most challenging four years of your life summed up in 24 Google searches. Thank you for the degree, Google.

1. Because you didn’t know what to major in:

2. Because it was a minimum of twenty pages:

3. Because you wanted to spice up your diet:

4. Because you signed a two-year lease:

5. Because apparently it was low:

6. Because it was your first time doing laundry:

7. Because you were about to throw a house party:

8. Because it was hard for you to memorize:

9. Because the library charged more than tuition:

10. Because it’s the biggest holiday in college:

11. Because of all those drunken nights:

12. Because everyone at the gym was doing it:

13. Because you were thirsty for knowledge you could use:

14. Because you were tired of house parties:

15. Because you couldn’t afford cable:

16. Because you needed to register for classes:

17. Because tequila:

18. Because it seemed illegal:

19. Because you needed a couch:

20. Because of that random hook-up one weekend:

21. Because you went through that phase:

22. Because you studied a foreign language:

23. Because it was finals week:

24. And because you realized you needed a job after graduation:

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