21 Life Lessons Forever 21 Mannequins Taught Us

The lifeless creatures that watch shop have been through it all. Here’s what we’ve learned from them.

1. Fashion shouldn’t stop you from camping.

2. Achieving perfect tan lines takes patience and multiple bottles of tanning lotion.

3. Make sure at least one of your friends knows how to change a tire before the road trip.

4. Leaving time to do laundry on the weekends is crucial.

If you want to wear a skirt.

5. You can’t get pregnant if you have clothes on.

6. There are many ways to poorly execute the “sorority squat.”

7. Don’t be that drunk friend.

8. Not all clothes are twerk-friendly.

9. Always watch your step.

10. Not standing up straight can result in poor posture.

11. It may seem better, but bigger isn’t always practical.

12. Doing your own laundry is an acquired skill.

13. Knowing what friends can handle their alcohol is key to a good night out.

14. Don’t put your new pants in the dryer.

If you want the option to bend over.

15. Pepto pre-game before Chipotle.

Or find a secluded corner.

16. You can overdo a Coachella outfit.

17. Your first Pintrest project may not turn out as expected.

Like this canopy.

18. It’s better to stick with your usual 10 minutes in the tanning booth.

Don’t listen to your friends and do 12 instead.

19. Redheads don’t all look the same.

Except kind of.

20. Windows at night can make exceptional mirrors.

21. And resisting the temptations of Cinnabon is agonizing and so not worth it.

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