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    12 Items To Improve Your Wineaholic Lifestyle

    Whether you prefer red, white, or you swing both ways, these items will make your wineaholic lifestyle a whole lot easier.

    1. The Wineaholic Purse

    2. The Wineaholic Bathtub Holder

    3. The Wineaholic Shatterproof Glasses

    4. The Wineaholic Necklace

    5. The Juiceaholic Into Wineaholic Kit

    6. The Wineaholic Cooler

    7. The Wineaholic Sippy Glass

    8. The Wineaholic's Movie Companion

    9. The Wineaholic Chair

    10. The Wineaholic Sippy Cup

    11. The Wineaholic Beach Friend

    12. The Wineaholic Wipes

    Goddonayspeed, wineaholics! Go and drink to your newfound potential.