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    12 Items To Improve Your Wineaholic Lifestyle

    Whether you prefer red, white, or you swing both ways, these items will make your wineaholic lifestyle a whole lot easier.

    1. The Wineaholic Purse


    Black Friday shopping will never be the same once you sport this fashion accessory. Take this purse along with you to conquer the sale crowds who are too much to handle sober. Be careful though, with a purse like this, you'll surely be a target for muggers.

    Only $49.49 at

    2. The Wineaholic Bathtub Holder


    Crying over your wine-filled bath water is in the past! With this new wineaholic suction cup bath buddy, your Riesling will always have a resting place while you ask yourself important questions like, "Why am I still single?"

    Only £6.95 on Amazon UK

    3. The Wineaholic Shatterproof Glasses


    How many glasses have you broken as you've stumbled through your kitchen buzzed at 11 A.M.? Well no more, wineaholic. These stemless glasses are made of recycled plastic making them 100% wineaholic proof, but they shine like fine crystal. Cheers.

    Only $12.95 at

    4. The Wineaholic Necklace


    It's hard enough to fully function as a wineacholic, so why make it any harder on yourself by holding your own glass? Carry your favorite wine everywhere you go hands-free with this innovative necklace. Just no drunken handstand contests with this one on.

    Only $24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (Drunk)

    5. The Juiceaholic Into Wineaholic Kit


    Now any wineaholic can play jesus and turn juice into wine! Just add the contents of each package to the juice of your choice and wait until the fermentation process is complete. With the help of this kit, you'll easily become the most popular parent at your child's soccer game; just steal some Capri Suns and root from the sidelines with a buzz!

    Only $21.49 on

    6. The Wineaholic Cooler


    You wouldn't be a proper wineaholic if you didn't have chilled white wine on hand at all times. Fill Big Joe up with ice and your wines will become perfectly chilled in this 36" tall wine glass.

    But let's be real, we all know this glass is the ideal size for your drinking habits and will never be used as a cooler.

    Only $374.95 on


    7. The Wineaholic Sippy Glass


    Wine snobs look at these glasses and see an innovative way to drink less oxidized wine to prevent flavor change. Wineaholics look at these glasses and see an innovative way to never miss their mouth again. It's simple; just suck and chug.

    Only $13.22 for a set of four at

    8. The Wineaholic's Movie Companion


    Enhance your movie experience by smuggling these portable, pre-filled wine glasses into the theater with you. Say farewell to watching another Nicholas Sparks film sober, wineaholic.

    Find Stacks at a store near you

    9. The Wineaholic Chair


    Never leave your patio chair again, wineaholic. These handmade patio chairs complete with built-in wine glass holders will allow any wineaholic to reach their full drunken potential. You'll fall in love with these chairs as you sip-and-watch your shirtless gardener trim your hedges.

    Only $329 per chair or two for $599 on

    10. The Wineaholic Sippy Cup


    The days of putting wine into your water bottles are no more! This portable wine glass insulates temperature and keeps bugs from getting buzzed off your precious wine. Take this to the pool, picnic or probably to work because let's be real.

    Only $24.79 on


    11. The Wineaholic Beach Friend


    Never help your children build a sand castle sober again with these wine-holding stakes. Don't live by a beach? Stick these into the ground at a family picnic or on a camping trip to make every moment more enjoyable. Heck, if you're a true wineaholic, you'll stick these in the flooring of every room in your house.

    Only $12.00 on

    12. The Wineaholic Wipes


    And finally, leave no traces of your wineaholic activities mentioned above with these compact pocket-sized wine wipes. Just in time for your Wineaholics Anonymous meeting!

    Only $14.89 on

    Goddonayspeed, wineaholics! Go and drink to your newfound potential.

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