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    This Woman Hilariously Calls Out Instagrammers Contouring With Kitchen Utensils

    Yes, a bottle opener is involved too.

    There's certainly been a fair share of crazy contouring trends as of late. Everything from clown contouring...

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    To tape contouring have taken over Instagram.

    Recently, though, beauty bloggers have begun to use spoons to get that perfect chiseled look.

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    So, YouTuber NikkieTutorials decided to hilariously troll makeup artists who use wild methods of contouring by using some, um, interesting kitchen utensils on herself.

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    She starts off using a spoon, just like the other beauty Instagrammers.

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    Then, she moves onto a fork because, well, why not?

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    "A lot of girls like to create designs and patterns with their contour, so I was like, 'Why not use a fork?'"

    Then, Nikkie decides to stick a brush through a whisk to get the ultimate contour ~precision~.

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    "This will perfectly balance your brush to nail your contour."

    Andddd use a bottle opener on her nose.

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    Looks legit.

    A pasta ladle makes the perfect blush circles, apparently.

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    "I know this technique can look a little intimidating because it's so professional, but just keep on going."

    And she dabbed on highlighter with a kitchen sponge, obvs.

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    "To get the most coverage out of your product, I suggest using this sponge right here and just, you know, go to town and dab it on."

    For the finishing touch, she blended it all together with a dish scrubber...

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    "Because the products are so soft and easy to blend in, I thought, 'Why not do a quick workaround and use this right here?'"

    And here's the final look!

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    "And there you have it! The perfect natural finish contour for everyday wear — to wear to a baby shower to really show that baby who's boss."