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This Woman Hilariously Calls Out Instagrammers Contouring With Kitchen Utensils

Yes, a bottle opener is involved too.

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So, YouTuber NikkieTutorials decided to hilariously troll makeup artists who use wild methods of contouring by using some, um, interesting kitchen utensils on herself.

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And she dabbed on highlighter with a kitchen sponge, obvs.

YouTube / Via youtube.com

"To get the most coverage out of your product, I suggest using this sponge right here and just, you know, go to town and dab it on."

For the finishing touch, she blended it all together with a dish scrubber...

YouTube / Via youtube.com

"Because the products are so soft and easy to blend in, I thought, 'Why not do a quick workaround and use this right here?'"

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