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18 Victoria's Secret Hacks That'll Save You Shitloads Of Money

Never pay for underwear again.

1. First off, follow Victoria's Secret on Facebook and join their newsletter.

2. Then, sign up for the Victoria's Secret catalog.

3. Get in on those Secret Reward cards immediately to receive up to $500 off.

4. And your odds of winning cash from the Secret Reward cards are actually pretty good!

5. Buy discounted gift cards.

6. Stack up to three coupons per order.

7. Sign up for the Victoria's Secret Angel credit card.

8. Never pay for underwear again.

9. Wait for those infamous Semi-Annual sales.

10. ...And the winter Semi-Annual sale has better discounts than the summer one.

11. Get fitted for bras in stores, but buy online.

12. For even more discounts, join Pink Nation.

13. Wore a bra once and hated it? Return it.

14. Get to know about Fever Fridays.

15. For the biggest discounts on swimsuits, buy them in August and September.

16. ...And buy fragrances in January.

17. You can make price adjustments up to three weeks after your purchase.

18. Lost your receipt? They'll still give you $15.99 toward a new bra.