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18 Victoria's Secret Hacks That'll Save You Shitloads Of Money

Never pay for underwear again.

1. First off, follow Victoria's Secret on Facebook and join their newsletter.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

It seems like a no-brainer, but Victoria's Secret Facebook page and newsletter always have fantastic exclusive offers (see: the sweet deal above). Plus, you get a $10 off coupon for your birthday, according to Stockpiling Moms.

2. Then, sign up for the Victoria's Secret catalog.

@vspinksocal / Via

I know catalogs seem mega old school, but if you sign up you'll get special deals every month, like a free panty or $10 off a bra.

3. Get in on those Secret Reward cards immediately to receive up to $500 off.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

Right now Victoria's Secret is handing out Secret Reward cardsmystery deals worth anywhere from $10 to $500 — which you can use toward purchases March 29 through April 27.

You automatically receive a card if you make a $10 purchase in stores or online, but their rules state that you don't actually have to buy anything to get your hands on one. YAAASS. (Here's how to enter by mail without making a purchase.)

Hurry, though, because they stop handing out Secret Reward cards on March 28, and you're only allowed one per day per household.

4. And your odds of winning cash from the Secret Reward cards are actually pretty good!

@vs_addict91 / Via

According to the rules, here are your chances of winning $$$:

Odds of winning $500 Secret Reward cards: 1 in 1,405.

Odds of winning $100 Secret Reward cards: 1 in 345.

Odds of winning $50 Secret Reward cards: 1 in 187.

Odds of winning $20 Secret Reward cards: 1 in 111.

Odds of winning $10 Secret Reward Cards: 1 in 1.

5. Buy discounted gift cards.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

If you know you're going to drop a lot of money at Victoria's Secret, buy discounted gift cards from sites like to get up to 22% off, according to Think Like A Boss Lady.

6. Stack up to three coupons per order.

@addict_vs / Via

Unlike most stores, Victoria's Secret lets you stack on the coupons. The Krazy Coupon Lady breaks it down into three categories that you can stack online and in stores:

* Free shipping: Any code that gives you free or discounted shipping deals.

* Free gift: This is any offer that says "free panty," "free bag," "free sports bra," etc.

* Percent/dollars off: These are the classic "25% off all bras" or "$15 off $100" deals.

7. Sign up for the Victoria's Secret Angel credit card.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

There are tons of benefits to getting a VS Angel credit card, but if you can't pay it off in full every month, the 25.24% APR isn't worth it. Here's what you get if you do sign up, according to their website:

* $10 Angel Reward for every 250 points you earn ($1 = 1 point), and a $10 birthday gift each year your Angel Card is active.

* Angels get triple points on bras all year long, and you can pick up to three days per year to earn triple points.

* Free standard shipping on all orders that include a bra.

* Early access to the Semi-Annual sale.

8. Never pay for underwear again.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

There are three main ways to get free panties, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady:

* Use the VS app: If you download the app and purchase something through there, you typically get a free panty with purchase.

* VS mailer: Since you took my previous advice and signed up for the catalog (lol), you'll get a free panty reward by mail every couple months — and it literally costs you nothing.

* Email newsletter: Since you also signed up for the newsletter, prepare to receive a "free with purchase" coupon to use on panties every month in your inbox.

9. Wait for those infamous Semi-Annual sales.

http://@x.tinamarie.x_ / Via

You'll get the biggest savings at the VS Semi-Annual sales, which typically happen in December and July online and then in stores a month later, according to Stockpiling Moms. You can get up to 70% off items while supplies last.

10. ...And the winter Semi-Annual sale has better discounts than the summer one.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

For the winter sale, even the super-expensive holiday bras drop down to $15, and for some stores, the sleepwear is also included in the markdowns, according to PJ Media. In summer, the sale is shorter and the markdowns aren't so jaw-dropping.

11. Get fitted for bras in stores, but buy online.

@laudici3 / Via

After you get fitted by a Bra Specialist, ask for a fit card to write down every style and size that worked for you. Then, buy the bra online in discontinued colors and patterns that might be discounted, according to The Cheap Bitch.

The stores also don't have a huge selection, so if you're a hard-to-find size, you'll save money on gas running from store to store trying to find your size.

12. For even more discounts, join Pink Nation.


I know, I know, there are a bajillion things to sign up for, but if you join Pink Nation, you'll "get in on exclusive offers, events and members-only fun," according to the website.

Plus, you can get a free panty with a Pink purchase if you join right now.

13. Wore a bra once and hated it? Return it.

According to a former Victoria's Secret employee, you can return or exchange a bra that doesn’t fit correctly — even if you’ve worn it a few times — for the full price up to 90 days later, but you must have the receipt.

14. Get to know about Fever Fridays.

@victoriassecret / Via Twitter: @victoriassecret

On random Fridays, VS offers online and in-store discounts and sometimes they even run a contest where you can use the hashtag #FeverFridayContest to win a $500 gift card, according to their rules, so be sure to check their Twitter every Friday.

15. For the biggest discounts on swimsuits, buy them in August and September.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

In late summer, swimsuits get marked down as low as $9.99, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady. I repeat, $9.99.

16. ...And buy fragrances in January.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

The best time to buy gift sets is definitely after the holidays. The Krazy Coupon Lady reported a whole display of scents for 75% off mid-January.

17. You can make price adjustments up to three weeks after your purchase.

Yelp / Via

For in-store purchases, you are allowed up to 14 days to get a price adjustment on something that might've gone on sale since then.

For online and catalog purchases, you have up to three weeks from the ship date of the item, according to Victoria's Secret.

18. Lost your receipt? They'll still give you $15.99 toward a new bra.

Victoria's Secret / Via Facebook: victoriassecret

If you've been improperly fitted for a VS bra but misplaced the receipt, you can still return or exchange it but you only get $15.99 toward a new bra regardless of the original price of the once you purchased, according to a former Victoria's Secret employee.