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    17 Painful Mascara Moments Every Woman Will Recognize

    *blinks once, eye makeup is ruined*

    Mascara is the most beautiful gift us mortals have ever been given.

    Mauvvvv🌸 Filmed a get ready with me video today! My go to signature look! +full contour routine 🐧 #CarliBybelPalette

    I mean, clearly.

    It's safe to say we're all a tad obsessed with our ~magic wand~.

    But sometimes mascara can really, really push us to the limit.

    When he does my mascara ..... LMAO #fail #thebabe #makeup

    See: Make us go insane.

    1. Like those times where it ends up everywhere but on your eyelashes.

    2. A simple blink can literally ruin your life.

    3. Sometimes it even gets in your eye.

    4. And then you're stuck with this.

    A pink eye that's not pink eye but looks like pink eye.

    5. If you're super unlucky, it might even get all over your mouth.

    I'm a fail at life, how did my mascara get there 😪


    6. And if waterproof mascara gets on your lids, whew, bye forevs.

    You ain't gettin' that off.

    7. Also, it basically ruins your hands and anything you touch thereafter.

    Does anyone else miss the tube sometimes? 😞 #MascaraFail

    8. Even if you're lucky enough to get it right, all that hard work can be ruined in a millisecond.

    Guess who had to walk home from work in the pouring rain and ended up with mascara on their forehead.. 🙋🏼

    Thanks 4 nothing, rain.

    9. Even when water isn't involved, it's still a problem.

    10. And god forbid you sneeze while putting it on.

    This is proof that Satan exists.

    11. If you forget to take it off in the shower, you'll come out looking like a member of Kiss.

    12. Sometimes the mascara legit falls apart before you can even get in on your face.

    13. Or it cuts you as you try to open it.

    Sliced my finger trying to open the cap to my new mascara :( #fail


    14. And what's up with it gathering just at the tip?!

    Hehe. Just the tip.

    15. It's no wonder it's a horrifying experience for beginners.

    16. Not to mention hella frustrating.

    17. But hey, here's hoping you get lucky the next time you do your lashes.