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    I Tried A Size 12 At Four Different Stores And They Were All Totally Different

    It's not you. It's them.

    Sure, shopping is super fun, but the struggle is all too real when it comes to finding just the right size for you at different stores.

    Watch Chrissy try size 12 clothes in 4 different stores!

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    This is Chrissy, and she's a size 12. But, most of the time, she has trouble finding stuff that's just right in that size.

    So, she decided to conduct a little experiment and try on size 12 shirts, pants, and jackets at four different stores to see how they measured up...literally.

    The first thing Chrissy learned was that there was no size 12 at Forever 21. But the equivalent in dress size was a medium.

    Chrissy was also told she would be a size 27/28 in pants, but...nope.

    The shirts Chrissy tried on fit okay, but they were still a bit too small for her taste.

    Next up was Old Navy, where Chrissy was told a size 12 was a "small" in a dress.

    With the pants, she found that they were all consistently about two to three sizes too big.

    And when it came to shirts, a sales associate told Chrissy a size 12 was a medium. See how this can get confusing AF?

    Then she went to H&M, where she immediately noticed that all the sizes were clearly marked, so she never had to ask for help.

    But then when she tried a couple of size 12 dresses on, it got super confusing because one of them fit just right...

    But the other one didn't even cover half of Chrissy's body.

    And when it came time to try on the pants, Chrissy thought the size 12 at H&M fit really small and tight around the thighs.

    And the last store Chrissy went to was TopShop, which she thought was the one that actually got her size the most.

    No, seriously. She absolutely loved the way the dresses fit on her. They were absolutely perfect.

    Even the jeans fit perfectly, which is almost unheard of the first time around.

    Once Chrissy was done shopping, she wanted some answers. So she asked Jessica Murphy, a size fit expert and cofounder of True Fit.

    They did a study using 10,000 jeans of the same size and same relative style, and found there was about a five-inch difference among the jeans.

    Jessica recommends you get familiar with the styles that work well with your body shape.

    And just like that, Chrissy proved that sizes don't mean a thing.