This Woman Re-Created A Snapchat Filter IRL And It’s Actually Insane

All hail the ~queen~.

1. Just last week, Snapchat added a filter that makes you look like, well, this.

@biancasapugay_ / Via Twitter: @biancasapugay_

2. People just can’t get enough of this heavy shadow and lip-lined ~lewk~.

@Roelheid / Via Twitter: @Roelheid

@Irissgermanotta / Via Twitter: @Irissgermanotta

@lionl / Via Twitter: @lionl


Work it, bbs.

3. So, YouTuber Mayra Isabel decided to try and re-create this filter IRL, and damn dudes, she definitely delivered.

4. Here’s how she did it:

5. First, she smothered glue stick on her eyebrows.*

YouTube / Via

*Some people swear by this brow-covering technique.

6. After applying some red color-correcting cream, she packed on the concealer.

YouTube / Via

Not scary at all.

7. Then, she drew on some super-skinny, arched brows.

YouTube / Via

“Can you imagine my brows really looking like this?!”

8. Three layers of eyeshadow later, she finally added a touch of shimmer to the lids.

YouTube / Via

9. Andddd she finished the eye makeup look with fake lashes on the top and bottom lids.

YouTube / Via

“We cannot forget about the bottom lashes.”

10. Next, she heavily contoured her cheeks and added some serious bronzer.

YouTube / Via

“You gotta definitely contour that double chin.”

11. And finally, she lined her matte burgundy lips with a black pencil and added the signature heart-shaped beauty mark.

YouTube / Via


YouTube / Via

13. LOOK.

YouTube / Via

14. AT.

YouTube / Via

15. IT.

YouTube / Via

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