A Runway Show Featured Models Wearing Snapchat Filters IRL

    A lil' sad no one stuck their tongue out, TBH.

    New York Fashion Week has just begun and because I'm chained to my desk like a 9-to-5 working woman*, I'm always peepin' images to creep on all the fashion haps.

    *JK, I just live on the West Coast so I can't go.

    But as I was perusing through Desigual's runway looks, I immediately noticed a little somethin' familiar on a model's face.

    And upon closer inspection, I realized IT'S THE GODDAMN DOG FILTER ON SNAPCHAT.

    You know, that filter hot girls use.

    Then I dug a little deeper (AKA just clicked around through some photos) to find some other on-the-nose (heh) Snapchat references, like the infamous flower crown.

    ...Which is also a top fave among mega hotties.

    There's also a reference the newer — but already highly beloved — deer filter....

    ...Which will transform any face into the CUTEST FUCKING THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN.

    Desigual couldn't forget the butterfly filter without unleashing mass hysteria, so of course it was in there too.

    So mystical. So magical. So reminiscent of lice scares in elementary school.

    Andddd there's also these two which (I think) are referencing the bee and the tiger filters.

    (But TBH, no one cares about those ones anyway.)

    So, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, DUDES? Will we soon being seeing people walking down the streets with tiger stripes and bugs trapped in their hair?!

    I guess only time will tell.