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17 Insanely Brilliant Ways To Hide Alcohol In Your Outfit

Here 4 u.

Listen, being forced to hang out with family/coworkers/randos from your hometown this time of year ain't easy, so if you want to slip in a little ~something extra~ at those awkward gatherings, we gotchu covered.

1. Alcohol-hiding amateurs typically just go for a cute dress with side pockets, like this.

2. Or this.

3. And that's totally fine, but if you really want to step up your game, hide some booze in your shoes, dudes.

4. Or get an insane jacket decked out with a flask holder, koozie pocket and bottle-opener zipper.

5. Betcha never thought you could sip out of an infinity scarf.

6. Or take a swig from your mittens.

7. How about some booze in your bangles?

8. Or a little ol' wine from your rack.

9. This flask just looks like a cute cat purse.

10. And this handbag has a flask built in.

11. Maybe you're more into toting wine around.

12. Or being that person who is always prepared for the weather.

13. If you're more into beauty products, maybe a lipstick flask is your steez.

14. Or a set of ~moisturizing lotions~.

15. How about a booze-filled hairbrush?

16. You probs need some hairspray too.

17. And, of course, let's not forget tampons.

Just know that no matter what the holiday season brings, you will get through this.