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17 Insanely Brilliant Ways To Hide Alcohol In Your Outfit

Here 4 u.

Listen, being forced to hang out with family/coworkers/randos from your hometown this time of year ain't easy, so if you want to slip in a little ~something extra~ at those awkward gatherings, we gotchu covered.


That something is alcohol.

1. Alcohol-hiding amateurs typically just go for a cute dress with side pockets, like this.

Hedonia Vegas Dress With Pockets, $63.

2. Or this.

Banana Republic Bow-Neck Shirtdress, $118.

3. And that's totally fine, but if you really want to step up your game, hide some booze in your shoes, dudes.

Double Agent Shoes, $275.
Double Agent Shoes

4. Or get an insane jacket decked out with a flask holder, koozie pocket and bottle-opener zipper.

5. Betcha never thought you could sip out of an infinity scarf.

Baxbo Infinity Novelty Flask Scarf, $26.

6. Or take a swig from your mittens.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

7. How about some booze in your bangles?

Cynthia Rowley

8. Or a little ol' wine from your rack.

The WineRack, $30.

9. This flask just looks like a cute cat purse.

Ears, Whiskers, and Cocktails Flask, $40.

10. And this handbag has a flask built in.

Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask, $47.

11. Maybe you're more into toting wine around.


12. Or being that person who is always prepared for the weather.

Umbrella Flask w/ Lid Seals & Speed Pourer, $18.

13. If you're more into beauty products, maybe a lipstick flask is your steez.

Lipstick-Shaped Flask, $12.

14. Or a set of ~moisturizing lotions~.

Lotion Secret Flasks, $15.

15. How about a booze-filled hairbrush?

Hairbrush Hidden Flask, $20.

16. You probs need some hairspray too.

Secret Hair Spray Flask, $11.

17. And, of course, let's not forget tampons.

5 Tampon Flasks and Sleeves, $20.

Just know that no matter what the holiday season brings, you will get through this.


Here 4 u.

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