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    13 Reasons The Frozen Food Aisle Is The Most Depressing Place On Earth

    Because eating a microwave meal alone isn’t sad enough. :(

    We've all been there: You're tired/lazy/feeling like a garbage human and think, Hey! A premade meal frozen into tiny compartments and stuffed into a cardboard box sounds like a great idea!

    But honestly, the frozen food aisle is truly the most depressing place on Earth.

    1. Like when this microwave dinner suggested a wine pairing.

    2. Or that time the word "toothless" appeared next to chicken nuggets.

    3. When someone thought this chicken oozing pus was a great idea.

    Barber Foods


    4. When an old man endlessly screamed next to a small pile of stuffed shells.

    Via Roma

    U mad?

    5. When Guy Fieri thought "real deal pepperoni pizza power" was a good way to sell eggrolls.

    Guy Fieri Flavortown

    IDK what "pepperoni pizza power" is, but I'm not willing to find out.

    6. When someone named food after a sexual encounter.

    Bassili's Best

    "I'm always in the mood for a Quickie!" AHHHHHH.

    7. When some rude-ass person referred to this pile of random breakfast foods as a "pizza."


    I love when people take one of God's greatest gifts and ruin it!

    8. When this portion size made you question the meaning of life.

    9. When someone ruined pancakes in legit every way possible.


    Please respect our privacy during this difficult time.

    10. When we were forced to eat bagels in tube form with cream cheese already in it.


    So, like, a Twinkie?

    11. When someone named Dan called their product "I Dream Of Creamy."

    BuzzFeed / Via Chrissy Mahlmeister

    Ew, and he's winking.

    12. When people still didn't understand what pancakes were.

    Jimmy Dean

    Bruised corn dog, anyone?

    13. When Hungry-Man's "beef" enchiladas only were 2% beef.

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