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    16 Stylish Ways To Prove That Pokémon Go Has Officially Taken Over Your Life

    Gotta buy 'em all.

    1. This Pokémon Go loading page dress, $45.

    2. This shirt that does all the talking for you, $22.

    3. This Dr. Seuss–inspired pullover, $45.

    4. These heart-shaped Poké Ball earrings to show your devotion, $7.

    5. This Team Valor miniskirt, $38.

    6. Or maybe this Team Mystic floral A-line dress, $65.

    7. Or if you're on Team Instinct, these killer leggings, $50.

    8. Or maybe just a ~minimal~ baseball hat to rep your team, $25.

    9. This Bulbasaur tee because, well, duh, $23.

    10. A sports bra to track down all those goddamn Pokémon, $17.

    11. This bb map pin, $7.

    12. This hoodie that only true Pokémon Go addicts will understand, $52.

    13. This classic Poké Ball print dress, $35.

    14. This baseball tee that shows off your Pokémon backpack IRL, $29.

    15. This tote bag that makes strangers hate you a little less, $19.

    16. And finally, this way too real chiffon top, $33.