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    People Are Cracking Up Because Kylie Jenner's "Love Bite" Lip Kit Looks Like A Hickey

    "New swatch is true to its name. Hope you enjoy."

    Kylie Jenner continues to expand her beauty empire by adding new shades to her almost always sold out lip kit collection on the regular. One of her newest colors is a deep purple hue called "Love Bite."

    When beauty addicts finally get their hands on the new lip kits, they typically swatch the colors on their arms to show the array of shades, like so.

    But one woman named Ashley Sardella thought it was funny that the name "Love Bite" seemed to match her friend's hickey "swatch" instead.

    Sardella, a 21-year-old from New York, told BuzzFeed News that she and her friend had noticed the resemblance to "Love Bite" because she had just worn it the night before.

    "We saw the lipstick and were like, 'Oh, let's see if its the same color! And it was and we all thought it was so funny,'" she said.

    People starting freaking out at how way too real it looked.

    Because the color match is UNCANNY.

    And now the name makes total sense.

    Some people were so inspired by the photo, they wanted to coordinate their own matching hickey look.

    And even shared hickey photos of their own for some unknown reason.

    And, yes, even Kylie Jenner gave her seal of approval.

    Sardella said she can't believe how many people have read her tweet.

    "When Kylie retweeted me I started screaming with excitement and I cried," she said.

    She added: "I can't believe it turned this big. It is actually amazing."