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    19 Ways To Not Look Like A Giant-Ass Sleeping Bag This Winter

    Cute coats that are still warm af.

    Listen, I know it's cold out, but it doesn't mean you have to look like a walking sleeping bag this winter.

    So, here are 19 ways to look fly af and still stay warm.

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    And, you know, be able to walk. Check 'em out below!

    1. Topshop Faux Fur Fluffy Longline Coat, $180


    2. Members Only Faux Fur-Lined Hooded Parka, $229

    Urban Outfitters

    3. Pixie Market Black Faux Fur Biker Jacket, $198

    Pixie Market

    7. Jack Wills Coat With Faux Fur Collar, $355


    9. Forever 21 Longline Plaid Coat, $53

    Forever 21

    12. Need Supply Beau Shearling Jacket, $210

    Need Supply

    13. Zara Masculine Coat, $129


    14. Dakota Faux Fur Anorak, $128

    Nasty Gal

    15. ASOS Coat in Oversized Fit in Ombre, $198


    16. Topshop Patch Pocket Luxe Faux Fur Coat, $180


    18. Urban Outfitters Brenden Jacquard Coat, $159

    Urban Outfitters