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Screw The Haters, You Should Totally Wear Makeup To School If You Want

If you want to wear highlighter to class, DO IT.

1. If anyone says wearing makeup to school is "distracting," they clearly don't know what they're talking about.

See: above
@_makeupmadeeasy_ / Via

See: above

2. And despite what people say, it's not a "waste of time" — you don't have to spend more than two minutes on your makeup (unless you want to!).

YouTube: Hollyannaeree / Via

3. Plus, your zen moment of applying makeup in the morning can set you up for a successful day.

Twitter: @AlersVanilla / Via Twitter: @AlersVanilla

4. It can also literally change your face and make you confident as hell walking through the halls.

@mypaleskinblog / Via Instagram: @mypaleskinblog

5. In fact, it's just good self-care.

6. And don't even get me started on how much it helps when you want to make new friends!

Twitter: @thebieberarmour / Via

7. If people say wearing makeup ~makes you look older~, it straight-up isn't true.

Just look at this bb wearing makeup!
YouTube / Via

Just look at this bb wearing makeup!

8. And despite what others think, you wear makeup for yourself — not others — and that's awesome.

@sheronhaaa / Via

9. And, yes, we're talking about dudes too.

@jcharlesbeauty / Via

10. No matter what anyone else says, makeup clearly isn't a "waste of money."

11. And when people tell you focus on inner beauty instead, you're already two steps ahead of them.

The Guardian / Via

12. I mean, doing makeup is FUN, and there's nothing wrong with that.

@victoriarhema7 / Via Twitter: @victoriarhema7

13. Makeup let's you stand out from the crowd — who the hell just wants to blend in?

@bretmanrock / Via

14. And despite what others may think, all that time "playing with makeup" can turn into an actual career.

Cosmopolitan UK / Via

So ladies and dudes, if you want to wear makeup to class, SO BE IT.

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