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Try Not To Get Angry At These 2015 Nail Polish Names

*Carves “Make it stop” into mirror while sobbing*

1. Trip of a Lime Time

2. Can I Get an Untz Untz

3. Home Sweet House Music

4. Coal Hands, Warm Hearts

COAL hands?

5. Hubby for Dessert

6. Wood You Wanna?

7. Pop the Trunk

8. License & Registration Pls

9. Pinking Out the Window

10. Tying the Knotie

11. Red-Y to Rave

12. Don't Get Elfed Up

13. What's She Dune?

14. Wine Down for What?

15. Drink Up Witches

16. Adore-A-Ball

17. DJ Blue My Mind

18. I Soiree I Didn't Do It