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    17 Guys Who Are Confused About This Whole Makeup Thing

    "Sephora sounds like an STD."

    We love all the dudes in our lives, but sometimes they just don’t get our obsession with makeup.

    They try, but they fail, and TBH, it's kind of cute.

    When I'm doing my makeup around my boyfriend:

    1. Like that time this guy mistook makeup for a bird.

    When guys don't understand makeup @MadisonGuin

    It's kiiind of close? OK, no it's not. It's not close at all.

    2. Or that time this dude tried to give makeup advice.

    Don't ask your boyfriend for makeup advice

    Never. Again.

    3. This guy who really needed a lesson on makeup sponges.

    When you try and explain makeup to boys

    I have SO many questions.

    4. This boyfriend who did not understand the importance of great brows.

    My boyfriend doesn't understand anything


    5. At least this guy just straight up admitted his lack of makeup knowledge.

    What Olive Garden are you going to, man?

    6. While this guy learned rull fast what not to say.

    Trying to talk to guys about makeup be like 😭 #mua

    Close call, dude.

    7. Clearly this guy doesn't get the whole ~natural~ makeup look.

    God guys you know you need 22 makeup products for a natural look

    8. And this boyfriend tried to talk about eyeshadow, and it was v endearing.

    talking about makeup with my boyfriend be like 😂


    9. This dude's lack of highlighter knowledge is infuriating.


    10. LOL at this guy thinking all brushes are created equal.

    Sisters boyfriend ' you said you wanted makeup brushes ' #notamused


    11. This dude had super strong feelings about contouring.

    Trying to talk about makeup with your boyfriend...

    ...even though that's not contouring. Points 4 trying, d00d.

    12. This girl who tried to show off her makeup skills and no dude understood.

    "That thin line."

    13. Apparently beauty stores remind this guy of STDs.

    I told my boyfriend I got makeup from sephora and this is his reaction

    FYI: Not all words that end in "A"s are diseases.

    14. This guy who thinks all wipes are face wipes.

    When guys wear makeup for dress up days

    Keep the bleach off ur face, bb.

    15. This dude who has NO respect for the Beauty Blender.

    Here's a quick way to get a girl enraged!

    16. These two guys who are trying (unsuccessfully) to talk about makeup.

    Cool diss, bro.

    17. And this dude who has just completely given up.