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We Tried To Make Our Vaginas More Powerful, And This Is What Happened

Pussy power. ✊

Vaginas. We love 'em and everything they do for us, but do we ever get the chance to really harness their insane power? Well, four of us decided to push our vag strength to the limit by doing Kegel exercises every day for a week.

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Typically, women do Kegel exercises to tone their pelvic floor muscles, which increases bladder control and reduces prolapses later in life.

To track our progress, we got our hands on an Elvie: a wearable Bluetooth device that gives you live feedback from your pelvic floor muscles while you are exercising.

Yes, that cute lil' egg thing goes in your vag with the tail part sticking out — kind of like a tampon — and the harder you squeeze, the higher your number will appear on the app. They are measured in something called "LVs." (Also, to clarify, we got our hands on four Elvies. We did not share. Don't do that. Like, ever.)

So, let's see just how much power lives within our vaginas, y'all.

Chrissy's health history:

Going in, Chrissy knew her vagina was a boss bitch.

But working out your pelvic floor muscles every day can lead to serious soreness.

Chrissy's results after one week:

Lara's health history:

Considering Lara's health history, she was not stoked to try Kegels.

Most days, Lara couldn't get herself to use the Elvie, but she was proud of her progress.

Lara's results after one week:

Sheridan's health history:

Sheridan was nervous to start the Kegel exercises and wasn't sure how she'd do.

But she quickly realized she'd have the hardest time actually using the device.

Sheridan's results after one week:

Morgan's health history:

Before using the Elvie, Morgan knew giving birth would make the experience a lot different for her.

While doing the Kegels, Morgan found out that she was unable to relax her pelvic floor muscles.

Morgan's results after one week:

In the end, we realized all our vaginas are incredibly different but equally awesome.

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