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I Tried To Cut My Hair With A Sword Like Mulan And Failed Miserably

If Mulan can do it, damnit, so can I.

This is Chrissy and Cissy, and they were in their "lab-beaut-ory" thinking of what to work on next, when they remembered an interesting suggestion someone had made.

Watch as Cissy tries to cut her hair off with a sword like Mulan!

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It was so out there and potentially dangerous that they just knew they had to try it.


Yep, Cissy volunteered to chop her hair off in one fell swoop with a sword, just like Mulan.


If you recall in the movie, Mulan runs dramatically into a dark room, takes out the sword, cuts her hair off, ties the rest into a bun, and she's off to fight in the war.

Before she could pull this off, Cissy went to train with Master Bruce Wen, a Shaolin Temple warrior master at the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy.


He believed Cissy could totally pull this off, as long as she didn't hold back. He did warn her about possibly cutting her neck or her hand off, though. Yikes!

Okay, so the first attempts weren't totally successful, so lets fast forward to her fifth (and final) attempt.


Don't worry. A professional hairstylist was on hand to clean up Cissy's barbarian haircut.

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