13 Ways To Hide A Pimple Without Using Makeup

    Because women need to be PERFECT.

    Getting a giant zit at work sucks. If you don't have any makeup handy, follow these easy tricks to make sure not a single person notices that you have a pimple.

    Because us women need to do whatever we can to be flawless, perfect creatures 100% of the time, amirite?

    1. The Potato Chip Concealer

    2. The Coworker Hoverer

    3. The Uncomfortably Close Note-Taker

    4. The Perfectly-Placed Fake Cry

    5. The Cat Scratch Mishap

    6. The Bathroom Secret Keeper

    7. The “Oh, I Have Bangs Now"

    8. The Painfully Shy Ski Instructor

    9. The Hairbeard

    10. The BBQ Smear

    11. The Ring IRL

    12. The “Dude, Is She OK?”

    13. The Neck Tat Distraction