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    13 Times Headphones Were On A Mission To Destroy Our Beauty


    There's a major hair epidemic happening, people.

    @fiNuk / Via Twitter: @fiNuk

    It lurks in suburban basements, recording studios and even–GASP–work cubicles. It's...


    @_nivre / Via Twitter: @_nivre

    2. It's so real, and it's so sucky.

    @GrahamYeates / Via Twitter: @GrahamYeates

    3. Just look at this sad dude.

    @toddjolmstead / Via Twitter: @toddjolmstead

    4. Or this poor, unfortunate soul.

    @T3RRAF0RM / Via Twitter: @T3RRAF0RM

    5. How about this young boy who has barely experienced life?

    @Hayden222123 / Via Twitter: @Hayden222123

    6. Or this gamer who just wanted to perfect his craft?

    @JagexSayln / Via Twitter: @JagexSayln

    7. If you're one of the lucky few, you might end up with the ~headphone wave~.

    @Namaztak / Via Twitter: @Namaztak

    8. But not all of us are so #blessed.

    @AMaleHuman / Via Twitter: @AMaleHuman

    9. How about a nice ol' ear pad impression on your gorgeous locks?

    @haddiebird / Via Twitter: @haddiebird

    10. Or a giant dent in your sweet 'do?

    @SpektrOhm / Via Twitter: @SpektrOhm

    11. Some of us tried to avoid both problems but ended up getting burned twice as bad.

    @djgoodboi / Via

    12. So us headphone hair victims need to unite because really, there's only one way to stop it....

    @seancwatkins / Via Twitter: @seancwatkins

    13. By beating them at their own game.

    When I wear my Beats I end up w/ a permanent crease in my poofy afro! I end up looking like this guy #HeadphoneHair