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14 Plus-Size Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle

*Chugs gallon of water, slams it on table* ANOTHER.

In case you missed it, Zach Miko became the first plus-size male model to be signed to a major agency earlier this year.

Since we fell in love with him and his incredible body positivity, we decided to find other dudes who identify as plus-size and are killin' it in their fields because, hey, why not? Grab some water, bbs.

1. Steven Martin

Steven, aka Everyone's Freakishly Perfect Bearded Dream Boyfriend, is a plus-size model from Germany signed to East West Model Management. (Here are some more modely pics to peruse at your leisure just, you know, in case. Also, he's 6'1". Bye.)

2. Kelvin Davis

Kelvin, who runs a stellar style blog called Notoriously Dapper, has always been at the forefront of plus-size male fashion and advocates for body positivity. Not only is his personal style is hella inspiring, but, um, he's a total babe. YEAH, I SAID IT.

3. Riccardo Onorato

Rome-based plus-size fashion blogger Riccardo has that punk-meets-streetwear style on lock, and guys, I thiiinnkkk he may be cooler than us. Like, all of us. On Earth. Combined.

4. Harvey Guillen

You might recognize actor Harvey from MTV's teen drama Eye Candy, and damn, never has a shown been so accurately named, AMIRITE? *winks aggressively*

5. Troy Solomon

It's nearly impossible not to love Troy the moment you look at his Instagram. Not only are his fashion and body positivity super inspiring, but he's also an ambassador for this year's Own Your Pride campaign for LA Pride. (Also, A+ beard game, bb.)

6. Syed Saud Sohail

Syed's style is definitely more on the preppy side (I mean, his Instagram name is literally "theprepguy"), but he definitely throws in unexpected pieces to keep his overall look super refreshing. He's also from Canada so...nice and hot? Mama likey.

7. Claus Fleissner

In case you couldn't tell by his good-ass posing skills, Claus is a plus-size model from Germany signed to Curve Model Management. He also runs a fashion blog, which I can't read because I'm not fluent in German, but he looks insanely adorable in all the pics. HERE 4 U, CLAUS.

8. Michael-Anthony Spearman

Since I've been stalking Michael-Anthony's Instagram so hard, I know he's already taken, but COME ONNNN. Look at his on-point style and killer smile. (Ew, that rhymed. *sees self out*)

9. Marquis Neal

Real talk, I wanna be Marquis. He's constantly switching up his looks, and EVERY. TIME. he manages to kill it. I am fully jealous of him and his beard. Help me.

10. Dexter Mayfield

What's not to love about Dexter? Not only does he have great style, but he's a plus-size male model, dancer, actor, and choreographer. I mean, damn, leave something for the rest of us.

11. Benjamin Montanez

Benjamin's Instagram bio reads: "Help promote love for plus size men." Kay. I'm literally doing that. Here. Right now. Are we in love yet?

12. Vinícius Lugon

Vinícius is a plus-size model hailing from Brazil, and TBH, he's so cute none of us even deserve him. None of us.

13. Francis Lee Baker

Francis runs a style blog called Lee's Lookbook and he, hands down, has the most effortlessly cool personal style to boot. Francis, can you dress all dudes forever? Kthxbi.

14. Robert Somerset

Cat. Beard. Motorcycle. Hot man. *kisses fingertips* Perfection.

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