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19 Tricks To Save Hundreds Of Dollars At Sephora

Get dat moneyyyy.

1. First off, follow Sephora on Facebook.

Facebook / Via Facebook: sephora

I know it seems obvious, but they share exclusive discounts, contests, and giveaways on there that you definitely don't want to miss.

2. Buy discounted Sephora gift cards.

Sephora / Via Facebook: sephora

Sites like sell unwanted gift cards at a lower price, so if you plan on spending money there anyway, this might be your best bet.

Remember: Sephora is also in department stores, so you could purchase gift cards for JCPenney and get even bigger savings (up to 20%!), according to The Krazy Coupon Lady.

3. Download the Ibotta app to get even more discounts and rewards.

Ibotta / Via

Basically, Ibotta works like this: Complete some tasks, save some money. The more tasks you do, the more money you receive. Right now, if you spend $75 at Sephora, you'll get $5 back, according to HelloGiggles.

4. You're allowed up to three take-home samples per department, so go in on that hella expensive stuff.

The Krazy Coupon Lady / Via

You can have up to three samples from each of Sephora's main departments (fragrance, skincare, and color), which means you can totally try some products you might not normally be able to afford, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Here's a full breakdown on which products cost the most per ounce.

5. You might already know about the three free samples per online order...

@makeupnobuy / Via

If not, stock up up on 'em here before you check out!

6. But what about those extra free samples? / Via Sephora

All of Sephora's freebie promotional codes live in one place called Beauty Deals, so be sure to always check their codes for additional discounts and samples, according to Racked.

7. Know Sephora's rewards program levels and what they can offer you.

Sephora / Via

There are three levels for Sephora's rewards program: Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge. Everyone automatically qualifies to be a Beauty Insider, so if you sign up, you'll get a birthday gift (see: free makeup) and free beauty classes.

If you spend more than $350 a year, though, definitely get in on that VIB access to get additional exclusive savings and a makeover. Planning on spending more than $1,000 a year? You'll get the all-inclusive VIB Rouge membership, which gives you free two-day shipping on all orders and invites to events.

Regardless of what club you're in, you rack up points every time you purchase, which you can spend on gift sets and makeup, so definitely sign up.

8. If you plan on getting your makeup done by a professional more than three times during the year (hiiii, wedding season), get that VIB Rouge status.

@orlandomommy / Via

OK, so you have to spend more than $1,000 to become a member, but hey, if you're shopping at Sephora all the time, it's nice to get unlimited free makeovers that would typically cost $75–100 each, according to Racked.

9. Get in on those free two-hour beauty classes.

@8_feet / Via

If you're one of the bajillion people who haven't quite figured out this whole contouring thing, there's totally a class on that — and it's free! They also offer IRL tutorials on how to brow-shape, apply fake lashes, get smoky eyes (for day and night), and correct and conceal. You don't have to buy any makeup to participate, and you'll definitely get to walk away wearing some.

10. If you've got only 15 minutes, you can get a free mini makeover.

Sephora / Via

These quick, walk-in makeovers are available for anyone at any store, with concentrations on specific looks. If skincare is more your thing, there are advisers for that too.

11. Never buy travel-size stuff. Like, ever.

Sephora / Via

Listen, I know that tiny-ass version of your favorite mascara is cute as hell, but dudes, the price per ounce just isn't worth it, says Racked. Stock up on those free samples while you're in the store, and take those as your carry-on.

12. Instead, go for value sets.

Sephora / Via

Let me put it this way: For the price of one bottle of Clinque's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, you can get that (in the same size!) plus the Liquid Facial Soap and Clarifying Lotion in a set, according to Beautycon.

13. And those perfume samplers actually get you an additional free full bottle perfume.

Facebook / Via Facebook: sephora

If you love fragrance, you should definitely go the sampler route. This set has 15 perfumes for $65, which typically retails for $110. Also, this particular sampler includes a certificate to redeem for a full-size bottle of your favorite featured fragrance at no extra cost, according to Beautycon. (I BOLDED THAT BECAUSE IT IS INSANE, PEOPLE.)

14. If you shop in the store, start at the outer perimeters first.

@kimmuhovicsmakeup / Via

The products along the outside edges of the store are typically the cheapest or on sale, just like in grocery stores, according to Real Simple.

15. Then, work your way from bottom to top.

@sephora / Via

The products displayed at eye-level are oftentimes the most expensive (and the most beautiful, goddd), but if you work your way down, you'll get to the more affordable stuff, Real Simple advises.

16. Delayed discounts are totally a thing.

@sephora / Via

If you buy makeup and it suddenly goes on sale a week later, you can get a price adjustment within two weeks of the purchase, according to Real Simple.

17. If you want free shipping but don't want to spend $50, get the Sephora Flash Subscription.

@pimpmyvanity / Via

You can pay $10 to get unlimited, free two-day shipping for a full year on any order — no matter how much it costs, according to Gorgeous In Grey. You also get a special overnight rate of just $5.95. If you're a VIB Rouge member, you can enroll for free. YAAASS.

18. Wait for those semi-annual sales.

@luciferous_benavidez / Via

Beauty Insiders and VIBs can partake in their semi-annual sale for 10–15% off every mid-April and mid-November, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady. They typically last for a week or so.

19. And finally, don't be afraid to return stuff.

Facebook / Via Facebook: sephora

If you ended up hating that $18 lipstick, return it! Sephora allows you to return opened goods within 60 days as long as it's in a "gently used condition." Basically, don't set it on fire, and you'll be fine.