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19 Tricks To Save Hundreds Of Dollars At Sephora

Get dat moneyyyy.

1. First off, follow Sephora on Facebook.

2. Buy discounted Sephora gift cards.

3. Download the Ibotta app to get even more discounts and rewards.

4. You're allowed up to three take-home samples per department, so go in on that hella expensive stuff.

5. You might already know about the three free samples per online order...

6. But what about those extra free samples?

7. Know Sephora's rewards program levels and what they can offer you.

8. If you plan on getting your makeup done by a professional more than three times during the year (hiiii, wedding season), get that VIB Rouge status.

9. Get in on those free two-hour beauty classes.

10. If you've got only 15 minutes, you can get a free mini makeover.

11. Never buy travel-size stuff. Like, ever.

12. Instead, go for value sets.

13. And those perfume samplers actually get you an additional free full bottle perfume.

14. If you shop in the store, start at the outer perimeters first.

15. Then, work your way from bottom to top.

16. Delayed discounts are totally a thing.

17. If you want free shipping but don't want to spend $50, get the Sephora Flash Subscription.

18. Wait for those semi-annual sales.

19. And finally, don't be afraid to return stuff.