This New Fur Nail Trend Is Stressing Me The F Out

Get outta hair.

1. Guys, we need to talk. Something v hairy appeared on Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week.

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2. Do you see it?

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4. I repeat, NAILS. COVERED. IN. FUR.

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5. Jan Arnold of CND made the tips out of faux fur, according to Refinery29.

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6. But let’s be real, they stress me the F out.

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7. Like, what if I wanna shower? What if I wanna lick Dorito dust off my fingers? WHAT IF I HAVE TO SCRATCH AN ITCH AND THE FUR MAKES IT MORE ITCHY AND THEN I HAVE AN INFINITE LOOP OF ITCHES I CAN NEVER SCRATCH?!?!

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8. It’s a lot to think about, TBH.

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9. Some major nail artists have already taken this trend for a spin.

@britneytokyo / Via

10. And some people have even tried it using human hair.

@breakrulesnotnails / Via

11. In Japan they’ve been doing this with hair for years, and they’re chill about it.

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12. So hey, if you want to wear hair on your nails, do it.

Peace Love Polish / Via

13. Just be careful out there. ;)

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