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    This New Fur Nail Trend Is Stressing Me The F Out

    Get outta hair.

    Guys, we need to talk. Something v hairy appeared on Libertine's Fall/Winter 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week.

    Do you see it?


    I repeat, NAILS. COVERED. IN. FUR.

    Jan Arnold of CND made the tips out of faux fur, according to Refinery29.

    But let's be real, they stress me the F out.

    Like, what if I wanna shower? What if I wanna lick Dorito dust off my fingers? WHAT IF I HAVE TO SCRATCH AN ITCH AND THE FUR MAKES IT MORE ITCHY AND THEN I HAVE AN INFINITE LOOP OF ITCHES I CAN NEVER SCRATCH?!?!

    It's a lot to think about, TBH.

    Some major nail artists have already taken this trend for a spin.

    And some people have even tried it using human hair.

    In Japan they've been doing this with hair for years, and they're chill about it.

    So hey, if you want to wear hair on your nails, do it.

    Just be careful out there. ;)