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    19 Reasons Eating With Lipstick On Is The Absolute Worst

    *stares at lipstick-covered sandwich, sobs*

    Wearing lipstick rules. Eating rules. But those two things together? Worst situation of all time.

    Eating with lipstick on is so uncomfortable 0/10 recommend

    We've been lied to, y'all.

    1. Why? 'Cause it gets all over your face.

    Only girls with big lips understand the struggle of eating with lipstick on 😒

    2. It'll look like you just had a serious makeout sesh no matter what.

    I feel like when I come home with smudged lipstick my mum thinks I have a secret romance but in reality I smudged it eating a sausage roll

    Which isn't that bad, TBH.

    3. Also, it gets all over your food.

    #jimmyjohns mmm.. #girlproblems #lipstickfail lol

    2 real.

    4. All that hard work just ends up on your lunch.

    eating a burger with lipstick on is stupid

    Ugh, why even try?

    5. Not to mention it, um, doesn't taste good.

    mate I can taste the taste of my lipstick with the rice I'm eating smh why is nothing ever easy

    6. Mmmmm, beeswax breakfast burrito.

    7. Eating with lipstick in public, tho? That is truly hell on earth.

    eating in public with red lipstick on is so hard because u can't wipe ur mouth properly without turning into the joker

    8. So you have to snack with serious precision.

    9. And use utensils for basically every meal.

    Nice spoon flip, bb.

    10. But your lipstick will probably end up on those too. :(

    Ummmm!!! Wth was I eating my spoon or my cereal ? #lipstickfail #breakfast

    11. If you don't have a fork handy, you must take the world's tiniest bites.

    Smaller. SMALLER.

    12. Or you can just chew v slowly.

    13. Maybe the wide-mouth approach is more your style.

    14. Or maybe you just don't give AF.

    Eating with $30 lipstick vs $7 lipstick @Cinaiii

    15. Either way, it's legit the hardest thing ever.

    Eating with lipstick on is an art. An art I will never master.

    16. Sometimes we need to weigh the pros and cons to see if it's all worth it.

    Cons of red lipstick: • eating/drinking • it's a mess • gets on your teeth Pros: • men fear you • looks good with anything

    17. And learn from our mentors.

    18. Because, hey, it could make you look like one classy lady.

    Eating pizza with red lipstick on is probably the classiest thing anyone can do

    19. So don't give up now!


    Today I walked to class putting lipstick on with one hand & eating a donut in another 💅🏾