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    Posted on Oct 2, 2015

    17 Cute Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Got Way Too Creepy

    Sleep tight. :)

    1. This sock monkey from your nightmares.

    2. This forever-grinning Minion.

    3. OMG, this Olaf from Frozen.

    4. This Daisy Duck mouth situation.

    5. This "cute" bunny tutorial.

    6. This slightly disturbing take on Beauty and the Beast.

    7. This murder-y Marge Simpson.

    8. Not to mention this menacing Maggie.

    9. This way-too-real panda.

    10. This haunting retro Minnie Mouse.

    11. This Jake the Dog look from Adventure Time.

    12. This creepily happy anime girl.

    13. This Fear re-creation from Inside Out, you guys.

    14. This v suspicious Scar from Lion King.

    15. This soul-sucking doll.

    16. This menacing Mario.

    17. And finally, this horrifying husky wannabe.

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