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16 Colorful Undercuts That Will Make Your Current Hair Feel Boring AF

A ~cut~ above the rest.

1. This Technicolor pink and blue kitty.

2. This adorably hidden heart and arrow.

3. This secret purple spiderweb.

@wickedhairdesign / Via

4. This undercover mermaid.

5. This perfectly shaved inverted heart.

@alexandramaxwell30 / Via

6. This cool AF cube design.

@dennisjosephbabyliss / Via

7. This hot pink hair bow.

8. This buried blue diamond.

@wickedhairdesign / Via

9. This covert UFO landing.

@deathbycouture / Via

10. This mini geometric masterpiece.

@dennisjosephbabyliss / Via

11. This rainbow-filled heart.

@wickedhairdesign / Via

12. This disguised all-seeing eye.

@hairbymelc / Via

13. This stealth David Bowie tribute.

@bogothebarber / Via

14. This super-secret smiley face.

15. This insane cherry blossom hair art.

@luceata / Via

16. And this inconspicuous alien.

@wickedhairdesign / Via
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