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    Oct 5, 2015

    17 Things That Prove Candy Corn Is Out Of Control


    It's October! You know what that means?

    It's candy corn time, bbs!

    You might be used to this handful of sugary goodness.

    1. But this year, it's clear candy corn has really ~stepped up its game~.

    2. Like, there's a s'mores candy corn now, people.

    3. ...And some kind of fruit one. Also, PEANUT BUTTER!

    4. There's also caramel macchiato.

    5. And there's even sea salt chocolate for the ~fancy~ candy corn peeps.

    6. Speaking of Peeps, there's a candy corn version of those too.

    7. We've also been blessed with candy corn M&Ms.

    8. There's even candy corn Blow Pops.

    9. And candy corn chocolate bars!

    10. There's also this white "candy corn creme" stuff.

    11. Betcha never tried candy corn cotton candy before.

    12. Or candy corn Oreos!

    13. FYI: There's candy corn frosting.

    14. And if you want candy corn mixed in with real food, there's even candy corn flavored popcorn!!

    15. There's also candy corn cupcakes, dudes.

    16. And candy corn ice cream!

    17. And of course some candy corn coffee to wash it all down with.

    So let us rejoice, candy corn fiends.

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