13 Women Who Pushed Their Boob Potential To The Limit

Boobs: nature’s shelf.

1. This woman who didn’t want to burn her thighs holding a hot pizza.

@siennademaymay / Via Twitter: @siennademaymay

2. This woman who didn’t let a lack of extra cup holders stop her.

@waxtress_katie / Via

3. This woman who made a makeshift table.

@lindsenglish / Via Twitter: @lindsenglish

4. This woman who created a portable beauty closet.

@kimwitmer / Via Twitter: @kimwitmer

5. This woman who discovered the best way to stay caffeinated.

@miss_kira_lynn / Via

6. This woman who found a way to text even with her hands full.

@ComedyEqRelief / Via Twitter: @ComedyEqRelief

7. This woman who will never, ever have to buy coasters again.

@missminkybeth / Via

8. This woman who realized she could take a break from holding her clutch all night.

@itszoemaria / Via

9. This woman who discovered boobs make excellent plates.

@bmamaa / Via

10. This woman who realized the potential of showing off her ~top shelf~ collectibles.

@elena_la_sirena / Via

11. This woman who found a way to never spill ramen broth on herself.

@al_beezo / Via Twitter: @al_beezo

12. This woman who realized real bowls are for chumps.

13. This woman who discovered her built-in food pantry.

@jpizzitola / Via

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