13 Killer Makeup Looks Inspired By Beyoncé's "Lemonade"

    The Beyhive brought their A game.

    Ever since Beyoncé debuted her visual album/masterpiece Lemonade on HBO, people have been inspired to make some sweet (heh) lemon-themed makeup looks of their own. Here are some our faves:

    1. Luminous lemon lids:

    2. Dramatic matte cat eye:

    3. Queen bee (literally):

    4. Gold-accented smoky eye:

    5. A pop of neon liner:

    6. Just a hint of yellow:

    7. Lemon-meets-lime liner:

    8. Pale lids with black lips:

    9. Shimmery brow highlight:

    10. Polished pastel pout:

    11. Chartreuse glitter tears:

    12. Neon-tinted waterline:

    13. And total Beyhive domination:

    Continue to slay, fam.